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Update Image


    On Wed, 01 Dec 2010, Dadeo suggested that the screenshot(s) or image(s) on this page are outdated and need to be updated.

    The above example shows the use of the Update Image template, inserted at the top of the page when the entire page needs updated screenshots.  The username and date are auto saved by the template, and the page is tagged as stage:image-outdated and automatically added to the To Do: Update Image list.

    When to Mark an Image(s) or Screenshot(s) as Outdated

    Whenever a screenshot or other image is outdated, you can simply replace the image, see Images/Screenshots.

    If you cannot replace the image yourself, then use the Update Image template to mark it as outdated.

    How to Mark an Image(s) as Outdated(s)

    You may mark a page or section to update an image, by using the Update Image template:

    1. Position your cursor where the image needs to be updated:
      1. page - insert at the top of the page if all the images on the entire page needs updating.
      2. section - insert at the top of the section beneath the section heading if only the images of one section need updating.
      3. text - insert where you wish the to image to be updated in the text.
    2. In the Editor, select the Template button.
    3. From the drop down Templates box, select the Update Image template.
    4. For a page or section - delete either the page or section text in the template box.
    5. For text - copy and paste the outdated image into the box.
    6. Add a note to the box about what image needs to be updated.
    7. If you know the image already exists on another page, please add a link to that page.
    8. If you make a mistake - Cancel/undo - CTRL+Z to cancel, or the Undo (back arrow) on Edit Menu, and insert the template again correctly.
    9. If further discussion or elaboration is required, you may add it to the related Talk page - Wiki Menu > More > Talk Page.

    Note:  Tags will automatically be inserted. DON'T DELETE these tags as they are used to auto generate our To Do Lists.

    The page will be automatically tagged as stage:image-outdated by the template, and  added to the To Do: Update Imagelist.


    This is an example of the template inserted into a section of text with the outdated image included in the box:


    On 8 Nov, 2010, diebagger suggested that this screenshot is outdated and needs to be updated with 1.1 screen where an actual mapping can be seen.


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