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Deprecate a Page


    On Sun, 05 Dec 2010, Dadeo has deprecated this page or content because it is no longer relevant, but has been retained for historical reference. 

    The above is an example of a page marked as deprecated..

    When to Deprecate a Page

    Generally pages in our MediaPortal Wiki should not be deprecated, they should be updated or deleted, or even marked for update or deletion using the Update or Delete templates.

    However, there will always be exceptions to this rule, notably when a plugin or feature is removed from MP but users may still wonder what happened to it, or a project is in development, such as MediaPortal 2, or even past development projects which were never completed, but may provide a useful base for future development.

    How to Deprecate a Page

    You may deprecate a page by using the Deprecate template:

    1. Position your cursor at the top of the page
    2. In the Editor, select the Template button
    3. Select the Deprecate Template
    4. Add text to the template box to explain the reason for the deprecation.

    The page will be automatically tagged as stage:deprecated by the template and appear on the list of Deprecated Pages.

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