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Collapsible Lists/Trees

    You can make any numbered or bulleted list collapsible, which means that each level will contain a + symbol to expand the level or a - symbol to collapse it.

    See Wiki > Help for an example of a collapsible tree.

    To create a collapsible list or tree, you call the Collapsible Tree template.

    Collapsible List

    Collapse Item 

    To collapse the following HTML element (e.g. a paragraph).  This can also be used for Spoiler text.


    {{ collapseitem{effect:"slide"} }} MP 1.3.0
    The following instructions apply only to MP 1.3.0

    Note: Keep the text to display (e.g. "MP 1.3.0") on the same line/paragraph as the collapse item code.  


    MP 1.3.0

    The following instructions apply only to MP 1.3.0


    using text ("Spoiler") instead of +/- 

    {{ collapseitem{show: "Spoiler", hide: "Hide", effect:"slide"} }}


    This is the text

    Spoiler (named element)

    entering text within the code and linking it to an html element (ID)

    {{ CollapseItem{id:"hideme",effect:"slide"};"Spoiler";
     <p id="hide"> "Enter the text here"</p>}}



    Enter the text here

    Show/Hide an Image

    {{ CollapseItem(<img src="" />,
     "<b>MP Logo</b>",
     "fade"); }}

    Note: Should also be able to be used to display a page.


    Collapsible Tree

    If you insert the template before an unordered (bulleted) list, the list will automatically become collapsible.

    {{ collapsibletree() }}

    Note: This does not work on ordered (i.e. numbered) lists.


    • This is item one
      • Second Level
    • This is item two
      • Second Level Item Two
        • Third level Item Two
    • This is item three

    Collapsible Wiki Tree

    {{ collapsibletree( wiki.tree("Wiki_Help") , 3, true ) }}
    • wiki.tree invokes the wiki tree extension.
    • "Wiki_Help" is the name of the page or section you wish to display as a tree.
    • 3 is the levels of the tree you wish to display.
    • true means you wish the tree to slide up and down (preferred).

    In the future, we hope to add Collapsible tree to the insert menu or the extensions list to make it easier to enter.

    Note: This does not work on wiki.toc (page Table of Contents).


    You can just insert collapsible tree from the Templates menu before any wiki tree extension:

    {{ collapsibletree() }}


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