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    3. 3. Guidelines

    Thank you for your interest in contributing to the MediaPortal Wiki!

    MediaPortal is a very advanced and sophisticated media center software.  The goal of the Wiki is to:

    • Make it easy for new users to install, setup and use MediaPortal
    • Enable users to get the most out of the software by customizing and extending MediaPortal to meet their needs or hardware configuration. After all, this is where MediaPortal excels!
    • Help developers to understand how MediaPortal works, the intended behaviour of all functions/code, to support both team and extension developers to continue to enhance the MediaPortal software.

    The MediaPortal Wiki is a collaborative project, where anyone can contribute straight from their web browser (editing in Opera is not fully supported). No downloads or installs are needed.

    ToDo Lists

    Looking for pages that need work? See our ToDo lists to find pages that require updating, improvement, screenshots, etc.


    These pages provide guidelines for using and contributing to the MediaPortal Wiki.  They can be viewed only by Wiki users logged on using their MP Forum username.

    Don't worry, the Docs Group will review all changes and additions.  It is very easy to revert to a previous revision.

    You do not need to become an expert in our Wiki. You can simply add or update content.

    Please be familiar with our Style Guide before adding or updating content. In particular:


    • Add extra whitespace above or below elements ("empty lines") by inserting forced line breaks.
    • Indent ("jump in") paragraphs - paragraph styles are formatted globally by templates
    • Add horizontal rules ("lines")
    • Format lines as headers by making the whole line bold or italic, instead of using the built-in header tags.
    • Skip a header level because the next one looks better.

    Generally, you should NOT format text very much. Do not alter:

    • fonts (except for folder/filenames in Courier new)
    • font sizes (use Heading Tags)
    • text colours (unless absolutely necessary)
    • add text background colours
    • indent text (other than in lists)

    These styles will be set in templates so any change to the template style will require manual editing of all your formatting. 

    You may, and should, use:

    • Headings for sections
    • bulleted or numbered lists (never number lists manually)
    • Bold and Italics correctly (see Style Guide)

    Tag page (Edit tags)
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