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What's New

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    1. 1. Wiki Features
      1. 1.1. For Users
      2. 1.2. For Contributors

    The new MediaPortal Wiki uses MindTouch, originally based on MediaWiki which is used by Wikipedia and many other Wiki websites.  MindTouch Core is the open source version, however, Team MediaPortal has received a free license for the full version of MindTouch 10.


    "MindTouch is not just an award-winning and easy to use web application for sharing, it's also a platform. MindTouch is similar to CMS web frameworks like Drupal, Mambo, Joomla and DotNetNuke, but a wiki in nature; therefore making it community-centric and significantly easier for end-users to participate. Also, it has a complete application programming interface (API) for programmers and extending MindTouch can be done in any programming language."

    For further information, see: MindTouch User Manual

    Wiki Features

    For Users

    • a Navigation Pane to let you browse the wiki, like chapters in a user manual
    • advanced Search techniques that support wildcard, boolean, field, range and more search operators - see Search the Wiki
    • automatic table of contents for each page (using heading levels) - Wiki Menu > Table of Contents
    • logon using your MediaPortal Forum user name - which enables you to use Page Notifications RSS Feeds and more
    • automatic generation of User Pages for each user logged on with their MP Forum username - add your info, files or even draft pages to add to the wiki

    For Contributors

    • a full WYSIWYG editor
    • easy linking to internal or external web pages
    • easy attachment of files and resizing of images
    • tagging pages for workflow, versions, keywords and more
    • logon using your MediaPortal Forum user name - which enables you to add or edit content, attach images, etc.
    • many extensions using DekiScript - such as:
      • - which supports pop up text on mouse hover
      • - to transclude content from another MP Wiki page
      • wiki.tree - to automatically generate an index of all sub pages
      • collapsible lists and trees - to collapse or expand list or tree items
      • full page versioning with conflict management and resolution - no need to 'lock' a page when editing.

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    Running the latest version?

    V1.15.0 - released June 2016
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