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    Who is this infinityloop? Good question. ;)

    infinite.loopAt the moment I am writing this lines I am 27 years old. I life in Austria (befor you ask, no we do not have kangaroos in Austria, you mean Australia ;) ), to be more specific in Tirol.

    How did i came to MediaPortal? Well like many of us I bought an xBox a few years ago and used the XBox-MediaCenter. Quite some time later someone told me about a new HTPC software called "MediaPortal". This was in december 2004.

    Then in august 2005 I started the Test Team webpage to provide the developers with useful testresults (Test Team merged with Team MediaPortal about one year later).

    Beside my roles as Project Coordinator, test team leader and forum admin, i sometimes also do design and useability related work.

    But there is also a part in my life which is not MediaPortal related. I am married and have 2 kids. Hannah and David. I am chief technician in a medium-sized company. Our domains are electrical installations, computernetworks and antenna installations.

    Besides family and MediaPortal I spent my free time with mountainbiking, skiing (of course ;) ), looooong trips with my motorbike and Battlefield 2 /2142.

    So this is me :)

    note: all spelling mistakes are intended to get your attention.

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