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    My real name is Peter Voltmann, and I live near Frankfurt in Glashütten (Hochtaunus).
    My career in the field of IT began in 1968 with an an on-the-job training as operator and programmer (RPG, COBOL, assembler language, PL/1) on an Univac 9300 (with 1K memory(!))and later on IBM 360/40 (which had already 16K memory).

    From 1971 up to 1981 I was a regular soldier (Z 12) in the German Air Force.
    There I got an education as air traffic controller and also participated in the development of the NADGE system (NATO Air Defense Ground Environment) as a leader of training courses as well as author and translator of education documents, especially in the areas of real-time dataprocessing, radar technology and system technology.

    After my time in the German Air Force I studied electrical engineering (communications engineering and informatics).

    Besides that (because a student always has time and always needs money), I worked for a company for technical documentation (translation, production, implementation). As result of this work I gained a contract from Unisys (formerly Sperry), Frankfurt, in the area of evaluating computer aided translation systems (ALPS, LOGOS, SYSTRAN etc.).

    At the end of this contract (in 1985) I founded my own company MVdata in Glashütten, dealing with technical documentation for a lot of well-known national and international enterprises.

    Since 1997 I also worked for the Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring systems (ASAM) where I was responsible for documentation.

    In 2003 my left eye went nearly blind due to a glaucoma, and due to another familiar calamity I decided to leave Germany and moved to Peru to help poor children in an association of a friend of mine in the town of Nasca. In Nasca I encountered my todays wife, and we decided to go back to Germany in 2006.

    Searching for a multimedia package I found MediaPortal and also found some glitches in my preferred skin PMIII from Harley. So I corrected these glitches and immediately I was invited by Harley to join the design team.

    Since then I´m involved in designing the PureVision skins and complainig about the skin engine.

    With my recent promotion to be the Design Team Manager and the recruitment of the excellent skinners Cul8er and Tgx to the design team we hope to enhance our good old lady skin engine for MP versions 1.x and of course design nice skins for MP 2.x.

    Best regards!

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