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    documentation.pngWelcome to the MediaPortal Glossary

    Here you will find detailed explanations of the terminology used when configuring and using MediaPortal. The Glossary contains only terms unique to MediaPortal, or used in a unique way in MediaPortal. Common acronyms and terms should be linked to Wikipedia or other website pages.

    Add Glossary Terms

    If there is an expression which isn't listed, but you think would help other users, then please add a page.

    Just Select this main glossary page, then select New Page from the Wiki Menu.

    Additionally, you can add to, correct or just simplify the explanations.

    Linking to Glossary tems

    The Glossary is also useful when writing other pages in the wiki. If you use any of the terms in this glossary, simply use an internal link referencing the term. That way, when a user is reading your page, they can easily lookup an explanation to the terms. This means you can write about the topic rather than worrying about confusing some users with the terminology. 

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