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VL Systems M-Play Remote

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    The M-Play remote control in included in a number of HTPC cases, and is available seperately with a number of devices.

    • IR Receiver: VL Systems M-Play Mini / MR100
    • Display: VL Systems M-Play Blast
    • Display: VL Systems M-Play 202 Plus
    • Display: VL Systems M-Play 202 Plus
    • Display: VL Systems OEM MR200 / MR300 / MR500
    • Case: Zalman HD135
    • Case: Zalman HD160XT


    The M-Play remote control comes with it's own custom software ( M-Play Home Center) that is used to receive commands from the remote and translates them to actions to be performed.

    If you use the M-Play Home Center software, you can configure it to operate MediaPortal, but you will not be able to use the VFD display.

    To use the remote AND display with MediaPortal, you can use the MiniDisplay plugin with the VLSYS_Mplay driver. This driver operates the display and remote, and allows you to edit the remote configuration.

    The default configuration for the VLSYS_Mplay remote is based on the default configuration for the Microsoft MCE remote.

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