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MCE Keyboard

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    On Windows XP Home systems, the rollup to enable the QWERTY keyboard and mouse on the Microsoft Media Center Keyboard doesn't install the drivers correctly. You'll need to force it to use the correct drivers.

    • For Windows XP Professional, just download and install the Rollup
    • For Windows XP Home Non English
    • For Windows XP Home English, read on! 
      1. Download and install the Rollup 
      2. Once that's done, go to the Device Manager and uninstall the unrecognised eHome device 
      3. Unplug the infrared reciever from the USB port, wait a few moments and plug it back in 
      4. Windows will ask for drivers, download this file and extract somewhere nearby 
      5. For every device Windows that asks for drivers, tell it to search the folder you extracted the downloaded files to 
      6. All drivers will install (there will be a lot of them), and your keyboard should work correctly 

    This will also give you all the necessary drivers for your MCE Remote, so when setting up a clean system these will be the only steps you need to go through to get both your remote and keyboard working.

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