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Samsung HD501LJ

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    SamsungHD501LJ.jpgTechnical Specifications

    Samsung harddisk Homepage

    • Interface: Serial ATA II 3.0Gbps
    • Drive capacity: 500GB
    • Rotational speed: 7200 rpm
    • Acoustics idle: 2.7 Bel
    • Acoustics random read/write: 2.9 Bel
    • Power consumption idle: 8,2 W
    • Power consumption seek: 10,6 W


    • Max. 167GB Formatted Capacity per Disk
    • Serial ATA 3.0 Gbps Interface Support
    • SATA Native Command Queuing Feature
    • Device Initiated SATA Power Management
    • Staggerd Spin-up Support
    • High Speed Dual DSP Based Architecture
    • ATA S.M.A.R.T Compliant
    • ATA Automatic Acoustic Management Feature
    • ATA 48-bit Address Feature
    • ATA Streaming Feature(Optional)
    • ATA Device Configuration Overlay Feature
    • SilentSeek ™
    • ImpacGuard ™



    If you need lots of space for your media have a look at this pretty cheap and silent drive.


    I have bought quite some HDDs from samsung during the last 3 years. And somehow it seems that i am not compatible with them.

    Because 8 of 12 Samsungs HDDs i own(ed) died. Some had broken sectors, some had failing mechanics and one had broken electronics. (And NO, i did not throw them on the floor ;) )

    If that happens to you then you will curse 2 things:

    1. The SHUtil HDD testool. Every manufaturer offers a tool to check your HDD if it is okay or not.
      This "tool" from samsung is not even able to do a full surface scan. It can only do "random surface scanning". Which means that (like in my case) it will never find the broken sectors.
    2. The RMA support. Well Samsung has one, but you can not send the HDD directly. it works like this
      customer -> reseller -> distributor -> samsung and then all the way back
      So you see, that can take some time. in my case 1-3 months.
    3. All those issues are the reason why i am back to Seagate. They cost more but:
      1. In 10 years i have bought 28 HDDs from Seagate and only 3 failed.
      2. They have decent HDD check tools which perform all required tests and even tell you if the HDD is about to fail.
      3. You can send your broken HDD directly to the Seagate RMA center. Which means you usualy get it back in ~14 days
    4. I know many ppl love those Samsung drives and have no problems at all. Here they do not work that good ;)

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