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SilverStone LC10(M)


    Silverstone Homepage


    • Aluminum front panel, 1.0mm SECC body


    • ATX, Micro ATX

    Drive Bay

    • External
      • 5.25” x 1
    • Internal
      • 3.5” x 4
      • 5.25” x 1

    lc10m-5.jpgCooling System

    • Front
      • 1 x 80mm intake (included), can be changed to 92mm intake
    • Rear
      • 2 x 60mm exhaust (included)

    Expansion Slots

    • 7

    Front I/O Port

    • USB2.0 port x 2
    • 1394 Firewire x 1
    • Earphone jack x 1
    • MIC x 1

    Power Supply

    • Optional standard PS2 (ATX)

    Net Weight

    • 8kg


    • 430 mm (W) x 163 mm (H) x 429 mm (D)

    (Note that these are the dimensions quoted by Silverstone. The height quoted appears to exclude the feet which add about 6mm. This can make a difference if space is tight)

    External Display

    • Model: iMON VFD
    • Type: VFD
    • Manufacturer: SoundGraph
    • MediaPortal driver: Supported by the ?ExternalDisplay plugin. Advanced features supported with the MiniDisplay Plugin
    • NOTE: Never versions of this case (Q1/2008) are shipped with a new version of the iMon VFD. This VFD will only work with the MiniDisplay Plugin


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    • The included vfd is supported by MediaPortal. I am not sure about the supplied remote as I have used an MCE one.
    • In my opinion the supplied fans are a little too noisy and I would suggest you may need to replace them.
    • The case is quite spacious. The components seem to keep fairly cool which implies that airflow is quite good.
    • Bear in mind that clearance above the components is not huge. I have fitted PCI cards fine but there is only about 10-15mm clearance above them. This may cause issues with graphics cards (such as the MSI ones) that use heatpipes going over the top of the card. Check the height before you buy. The clearance above the CPU (due to the bracing bar going accross the case) is about 100-110mm so certain passively cooled heatsinks are too big. Again, check before you buy.
    • Scan Computers have highlighted on their website that there is for some reason an incompatibility between Seasonic PSUs and the vfd/ir receiver. I believe this is if you use the supplied 24pin power lead with flyout power lead (used to allow the supplied remote to power on the PC). I am using a Corsair PSU which uses Seasonic parts. As I was not using the supplied remote I connected the vfd to a floppy power connector and this has worked fine.

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