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Additional Plugins

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    SlimTvClient - Watch TV in MP2, including PiP support


    SlimTvClient provides an easy way to watch TV inside MP2. It depends on a few other components that have to be installed first:


    Unzip the contents to folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\Team MediaPortal\MP2-Client\Plugins", that's all.


    Currently this version does mainly one thing: you can watch one or more TV channels in MP2 using TVGuide data. SlimTV Client is not limited to only one TvServer in you network! If you have multiple TvServers installed, you can access them concurrently.

    You have a TV guide (EPG) view available, but for current state it has no recording scheduling implemented. It's planned to extend the features of this part much more.


    When all requirements above are met and you work in single seat, no more settings are needed.

    For multi-seat and multiple TVServers please enter the names here:

    Home->Settings->Plugins->TV->Tv4Home Server Adresses





    One of the most popular plugins for MediaPortal 1 is already available for the MediaPortal 2 Alpha release!


    You can find the download (currently only zip files that you need to extract yourself) in the forum thread that also acts as discussion point for installation issues and problem reports:

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