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Source directory root

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    The organization of the MP2 source code root folder is described here. 


    To see the organization of the Source folder, see Source directory: "Source"

    New folders inside the root folder are unwanted. If there is the need to add a new root folder in the MP2 folder, this should be coordinated with the project management.

    The folder can be browsed online at


    Directory Contains/Description
    Bin Created by the compilation process. All build output goes here.
    Build Build scripts (building the MP2 deployment, docs, code metrics, etc.).
    Deprecated Deprecated projects and other resources.
    Incubator New projects which are not yet stable and which are not yet part of the main solution.
    Resources Documents, examples, templates, other stuff.
    Setup Tools & scripts to build an MP2 deployment.
    Source Solution files & project dirs of the MediaPortal 2 source code.
    Tools Tools for building/cleaning up/managing MP2 or its source code.



    On Thu, 04 Apr 2013, chefkoch suggested that this page or section is outdated and needs to be updated - The folder deprecated does not exist anymore.

    The old MediaPortal.Infinity stuff has been removed long time ago.

    The folder might also not be created / used anymore in future, because obsolete / deprecated code should be removed rather than moved to this folder, as it is still available via GIT history.

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