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Get the Sources

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    MediaPortal 2 is completely open source. Its source can be downloaded using Git. If you don't have any Git client installed yet, read Git Installation first.  For additional information about git see ProGit - Online introduction/manual to Git.


    For read-only access use the read-only url which is displayed at github here:

    You can download the sources using the read-only URL or you can fork an own repository at github to get a writable repository. Read their help to see how it works.

    When you downloaded the sources, you'll see that the MediaPortal 2 resources consist of one single directory "MediaPortal" which contains the sources, the build batch files and some other directories containing Tools and other things.

    Downloading the sources

    To download files, you can use TortoiseGit, for example. Use the read-only Git URL to clone the repository on your local harddisk.

    There are many good introductions about Git available in the internet.


    1. To clone the GIt repository go to the folder where you wanna save the repository. Right mouse click and choose Git clone...
    2. Enter the URL of the MediaPortal 2 Git repository and press Ok.
    3. Wait until the progress succeeded.
    4. Update submodules

    Suggested Tools

    I use the following tools for Git:

    • TortoiseGit (for normal work)
    • GitBash or MSysGIT (for commands that are not supported by TortoiseGit or when I need more control then TortoiseGit gives me)
    • gitextensions (for the excellent VS integration)
    • Git Source Control Provider (VS2010->Tools->Extension Manager->Search for "Git Source Control Provider"->Download&Install)


    Note by Albert: I use GitExtensions for normal work. It is very stable and provides a very good user interface.

    What to do with the sources?

    You can compile the sources to get a runnable version of MediaPortal 2

    Running the latest version?

    V1.15.0 - released June 2016
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