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TV Guide Channel selection

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    • Required:  No
    • Type of Change:  Feature

    Enhance selected channel positioning logic in TV guide.

    Description of Change

    When entering and exiting TV guide and when switching between channel groups the selected guide channel often gets reset to the top of the guide. When the TV guide has hundreds of channels it's annoying to have to scroll back to the current channel section of the guide.

    These enhancements attempt to select the current channel when entering the TV guide for the first time or when changing channel groups. If the current channel cannot be selected then the channel at the top of the guide is selected. Also, when selecting a program to record (navigating to the program info window from the guide) returning to the guide will now refocus the program in the guide from where you entered the program info window.

    Additional Information and References

    Mantis Issue: 3465
    Related Wiki page(s): TV Guide
    Author: ajp8164
    Date added: Wed, 27 Jun 2012




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