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1.2.0 to 1.3.0

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    1. 1. Skin Related Changes in 1.3.0
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    Skin Related Changes in 1.3.0

    The following changes were done between MediaPortal Release 1.2.0 and 1.3.0 which affect skins.

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    Radio Guide Group buttonfeature1.3.0 alphayes
    Checkbutton Implementationfeature1.3.0 alphayes
    Fadelabel allowFadeInfeature1.3.0 rc 
    Enhanced #definesfeature1.3.0 beta 
    Updated Default(Wide) Skinsfeature1.3.0 alpha 
    TV Guide genre colorsfeature1.3.0 alphayes
    Filmstrip SpinCanFocusfeature1.3.0 alpha 
    GUI settings changesfeature1.3.0 betayes
    Filmstrip Thumb zoom and alignmentbugfix1.3.0 alpha 
    TextColorNoFocusfeature1.3.0 rc 
    New color skin tag for DVD/BluRay foldersfeature1.3.0 alpha 
    Skin Functionsfeature1.3.0 beta 
    MenuButton in MP pluginsfeature1.3.0 alphayes
    Skin Themesfeature1.3.0 alpha 
    ListControl unfocused alphafeature1.3.0 beta 
    Text scrolling on Checkbutton, Togglebuttonbugfix1.3.0 rc 
    Skin Settingsfeature1.3.0 alpha 
    MenuButton Controlfeature1.3.0 alphayes
    MyVideos new skin controlsfeature1.3.0 alphayes
    Comskip Timelinefeature1.3.0 betayes
    MyVideos new skin propertiesfeature1.3.0 alpha 
    SelectButton texture sizebugfix1.3.0 beta 
    Camera Supportfeature1.3.0 alpha 
    Enhance textXOff in Buttonsfeature1.3.0 alpha 
    Image Overlayfeature1.3.0 alpha 
    TextboxScrolllup Scrollingbugfix1.3.0 rc 
    Conditional <include>feature1.3.0 beta 
    Text Paddingbugfix1.3.0 rc 


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