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Weather Images Moved


    • Required:  Yes
    • Type of Change:  Rework

    Currently, weather icons/images are stored in the [Program Files]\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\Weather folder.

    If skins wish to customize weather images/icons, they must overwrite the default weather images/icons. These images display in every skin unless the user reinstalls each skin to use the weather images provided in that skin.

    !!!Be aware that using a skin that hasn't updated the weather folders will prevent MP from starting!!!

    Description of Change

    This change moves the location of weather images to the skin\media\weather folder.

    Skins must provide weather images in their skin\media\weather folder. This is consistent with all other images for skins, and enables much easier customization of the weather images.

    No xml changes are required.   Skinners simply need to copy their weather images to the new location. If the skin uses custom weather icons/images, then they must adjust their installer (MPEI or other) to install the images to the new location.

    Additional Information and References

    • Mantis Issue: 3094
    • Related xml(s):  none
    • Window ID:  none
    • Related GUI property/control:  none.

    XML/Code Samples

    No xml changes required


    No visible changes should result in GUI.

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