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Radio Guide Changes


    On Tue, 13 Sep 2011, jameson_uk suggested that this page or content is incomplete and needs to be expanded or rewritten - There is no documentation about how mytvguide.xml works and how to skin it.


    • Required:  Yes
    • Type of Change:  Feature

    The radio guide screen has been updated to match the TV guide.

    Description of Change

    The radio guide screen has been updated to match the functionality and features of the TV guide.

    Skinners should be able to take mytvguide.xml and

    • Change window ID to 762
    • Change skin properties from #TV. to #Radio.

    and the radio guide will then be identical to the TV guide

    Additional Information and References

    Mantis Issue: 3375
    Related xml(s): myradioguide.xml
    Windows IDs: 762
    Related GUI control:  
    Author: jameson_uk
    Date added: Tue, 13 Sep 2011

    XML/Code Samples





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