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Music Now Playing Love/Ban Dialog


    • Required:  Yes
    • Type of Change:  Feature

    The music plugin now allows for users to love/ban the current playing track on    As part of this a new dialog class has been added.

    Description of Change

    Now when in the music Now Playing screen a user can mark the current track as loved/banned on (if the LastFMScrobbler plugin is enabled).   To notify the user this has taken place, a new dialog will pop up.   This dialog has a timeout and will disappear automatically after two seconds.

    The localized title and labels are set by the music plugin so there is no need to set these values in the skin file.

    Controls on the dialog are:


    Control ID Control Purpose
    3 Label (GUILabelControl) This is the heading used in the dialog
    4 Button (GUIButtonControl) This button if selected will close the dialog (which will close automatically after 2 seconds anyway)
    6 TextArea (GUITextControl) This contains the actual message displayed in the dialog

    Additional Information and References

    • Mantis Issue: 3175
    • Related xml(s):  DialogNotifyLastFM.xml (new)
    • Window ID:  512
    • Related GUI property/control:  N/A

    XML/Code Samples

    Implementation in Blue3 Wide

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
          <description>group element</description>
          <animation effect="fade" time="250">WindowOpen</animation>
          <animation effect="fade" time="250">WindowClose</animation>
            <description>Heading text label</description>
            <description>OK button</description>



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