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Incompatible Plugins Dialog Skin


    • Required:  Yes
    • Type of Change:  Rework

    In 1.2.0. Beta an Incompatible Plugins dialog was introduced at startup to show the plugins that where found to be incompatible based on the new compatibility system. This dialog was implemented using WinForms, which causes certain visual and functional issues.

    Description of Change

    A new skinnable dialog has been implemented to replace the WinForms dialog.  Thus all skins must provide DialogIncompatiblePlugins.xml

    The new dialog should cover the entire screen area as there is no other window to provide a background (it is a dialog only to avoid getting into the window manager's history). There is a 30 second timeout, after which the dialog will close automatically. It contains a list view to show the incompatible plugins, and one button to allow the user to continue without waiting for the timeout.


    Controls on the dialog are:


    Control ID Control Purpose
    2 ListControl (GUIListControl) This is the list of plugins that are incompatible
    3 Button (GUIButtonControl) This button if selected will close the dialog (which will close automatically after 30 seconds anyway)


    The dialog defines a property: #countdownseconds. This property returns the number of seconds remaining until the dialog closes automatically. If the user moves focus to the list, the countdown stops and #countdownseconds is set to an empty string.

    You can use the expression in the sample below to show the countdown inside the button label.


    Also two new localizable strings are defined for use in the dialog:


    String ID English text
    1911 The following plugins are incompatible with this version of MediaPortal and were automatically disabled:
    1912 Continue|Continue ({0})...|Continue ({0})...

     String 1912 allows embedding the #countdownseconds property in the button text.

    Additional Information and References

    Mantis Issue: 3581
    Related xml(s): DialogIncompatiblePlugins.xml (new)
    Windows IDs: 2021
    Related GUI control:  
    Author: arion_p
    Date added: Mon, 30 May 2011

    XML/Code Samples

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
          <description>dialog line 1</description>
          <description>Continue button</description>
          <label>#(string.formatcount(iif(eq(#countdownseconds,''),0,#countdownseconds), 1912))</label>




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