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Filmstrip Keepaspectratio


    • Required:   No
    • Type of Change:  Feature

    The <keepaspectratio> tag has been added to filmstrip to be consistent with thumbnailpanels.

    Description of Change

    Skin designers may now preserve the aspect ratio of images when using Filmstrip. This will affect Flimstrip Layout

    Additional Information and References

    • Mantis Issue: 3036
    • Related xml(s): Any that support filmstrip facade control, notably common.facade.*.xml
    • Window ID:  Any facade that supports <type>filmstrip</type> control
    • Related GUI property/control: GUIFilmstripControl

    XML/Code Samples

    Insert Code Samples here... no code sample yet provided.


    No screenshots have yet been provided.

    Running the latest version?

    V1.15.0 - released June 2016
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