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CoverFlow keepaspectratio and thumbZoom


    • Required:  No
    • Type of Change:  Feature

    keepaspectratio or thumbZoom is currently not supported in Coverflow, but is in other facadeviews.


    Description of Change

    This feature will add the following new parameters:

    • keepaspectratio
    • thumbZoom
    • cardAlign
    • cardVAlign

    cardAlign and VAlign is introduced to give skinners the option to align the texture of the cards in Coverflow. This was needed to release the full potential of keepaspectratio.

    Additional Information and References

    Mantis Issue: 3390
    Related xml(s): All files using facadeview of type Coverflow
    Windows IDs:  
    Related GUI control: GUICoverFlow.cs
    Author: pilehave
    Date added: Thu, 10 Feb 2011

    XML/Code Samples





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