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TV Guide Groups Handling


    • Required:  No
    • Type of Change:  Feature

    The tvguide now has the ability to handle a new button "Switch TV Group".

    Description of Change

    These changes are optional to other skins. Without modifcation TV Guide will work as before!

    Skins Blue3/wide are extended in: mytvguide.xml, dialogTvGuide.xml.

    To optimize the use of available space the new button isaligned vertical left of the channels

    There are 2 new (vertical) button backgrounds created: small_vbutton_focus.png / small_vbutton_nofocus.png (done by simple rotation of default small button)

    A new tag #TV.Guide.ChangeGroup: Contains the button label, built internally from String 971 ('Group'): Tv Group Name (i.e. in german 'Gruppe: ARD')

    Attention: The button and label are separated, because rotated buttons don't focus properly!

    Button's control id: 100

    Additional Information and References

    • Mantis Issue:
    • Related xml(s):  mytvguide.xml, dialogTvGuide.xml
    • Window ID: 
    • Related GUI property/control

    XML/Code Samples

    Sample (taken from blue3wide), disabled animations on button:

          <description>TvGroup button</description>
         <animation effect="zoom" start="100,100" end="100,100" time="0">focus</animation>
         <animation effect="zoom" start="100,100" end="100,100" time="0">unfocus</animation>
          <description>TvGroup button label</description>
          <animation effect="rotate" end="-90" time="0">WindowOpen</animation>



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