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Skin Controls

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    Depending on the value of the control type tag in the control element above there will be additional tags specific to that type of control.

    The list below contains all the control types available for MediaPortal developers and skin designers along with their internal class name in the MediaPortal code and a short description.



    On 29 Nov 2010, diebagger suggested that this page or content is incomplete and needs to be expanded with descriptions of actiongroup

    Click on the name of the control type for more details:

    Control Type Name Class Name Description Last Check
    actiongroup GUIActionGroup    
    button GUIButtonControl Simple button control for user interaction in a window 2010-11-20
    button3part GUIButton3PartControl Internal button control with three parts (Left, Middle, Right)  
    checkbutton GUICheckButton This control aggregates the look and behavior of the check medmark control and the button control. 2010-11-22
    checklistcontrol GUICheckListControl A list of items each with a checkbox 2010-11-22
    checkmark GUICheckMarkControl A control to select/deselect an item. 2010-11-22
    coverflow GUICoverFlow Cover flow is a layout for displaying a list of items that resembles the iPhone style cover flow. 2010-11-20
    facadeview GUIFacadeControl Control which acts as a facade to the list, thumbnail and filmstrip view controls 2010-11-22
    fadelabel GUIFadeLabel Label which will scroll throw the text when the text is too long 2010-11-22
    filmstrip GUIFilmstripControl Filmstrip is a control for displaying a list of items 2010-11-20
    gridcontrol GUIGridControl Displays horizontal and vertical scrollbars  
    group GUIGroup With the group element you can group multiple elements together  
    hscrollbar GUIHorizontalScrollbar A horizontal scrollbar  
    image GUIImage Image control for displaying any type of texture in a window 2010-11-20
    imagelist GUIImageList Displays a number of images in a row 2010-11-23
    label GUILabelControl Text label Control for displaying content in a window 2010-11-22
    listcontrol GUIListControl Flexible list control 2010-11-23
    menu GUIMenuControl A menu of installed plugins in the classic (My) Home screen.  
    menubutton GUIMenuButton A programmable button control that uses dialogs, spin controls, keyboard 2011-12-16
    multiimage GUIMultiImage An image or a series of images with fade transition  
    playlistcontrol GUIPlayListItemListControl A list with the option to move items up/down or delete them from the list 2010-11-23
    playlistbutton GUIPlayListButtonControl Button element of the playlistcontrol 2010-11-23
    progress GUIProgressControl A simple progressbar control 2010-11-23
    selectbutton GUISelectButtonControl A button that allows choosing from a range of different values by toggling throw them. 2010-11-23
    slider GUISliderControl A slider control for choosing within a predefined number range. 2010-11-23
    smsinput GUISMSInputControl A sms pad styled intput control  
    sortbutton GUISortButtonControl A button with a sort-direction field included 2010-11-23
    spinbutton GUISpinButton This control aggregates the look and behavior of the spin control and the button control. 2010-11-23
    spincontrol GUISpinControl A control to mark the pages of a list and provide a way to jump through the pages. 2010-11-24
    statusbar GUIStatusbarControl A control similar to progress but with an additional way to dynamically specify the y postion. 2010-11-28
    textbox GUITextControl A textbox control 2010-11-28
    textboxscrollup GUITextScrollUpControl A textbox where the text will scroll if the text is too long. 2010-11-28
    thumbnailpanel GUIThumbnailPanel Used to display Icons and Big Icons layouts in MediaPortal, sometimes referred to as Thumbs views or thumbnail views. 2010-11-28
    togglebutton GUIToggleButtonControl a button with the extended possibility to toggle a state. Obsolete
    Developer's should use the (newer) checkbutton control.
    tvprogress GUITVProgressControl A progressbar that offers more functionality 2010-12-08
    updownbutton GUIUpDownButton An extended button control that is similar to the items used in the updownlistcontrol 2010-12-08
    updownlistcontrol GUIUpDownListControl A list where every item contains controls for moving buttons up or down  
    videowindow GUIVideoControl Control showing the currently running video  
    volumebar GUIVolumeBar Displays a volume bar (usually in fullscreen Video or TV)  
    vscrollbar GUIVerticalScrollbar Vertical scrollbar  

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