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Core xmls

    Table of contents
    1. 1. Overview
    2. 2. Changelog
    3. 3. General
    4. 4. Dialogs
    5. 5. TV
    6. 6. Music
    7. 7. Videos
    8. 8. Radio
    9. 9. Pictures
    10. 10. Miscellaneous
    11. 11. Settings


    This page lists only valid Windows with Window IDs, not other skin xmls that can be imported, or 'special' xmls like fonts.xml and references.xml which set default skin settings.


    XML Cleanup2010/12/081.1.0 to 1.2.0
    Incompatible Plugins Dialog Skin2011/05/301.1.0 to 1.2.0


    File Description id
    BasicHome.xml an alternative start screen which can be customized 35
    myHome.xml the standard or classic Home or start screen 0
    myHomePlugIns.xml the Plugins screen, a companion to the standard Home screen 34
    topbar.xml displays a top bar of navigation and playback controls on mouse hover 3005
    topbarhome.xml displays a top bar of navigation and playback controls on mouse hover in Home 3004


    File Description id
    DialogAlbumInfo.xml displays the Album Info screen via F3 key/yellow remote button (Show Info action) in Music Albums view 2001
    DialogArtistInfo.xml displays the Artist Info lookup screen via F3 key/yellow remote button (Show Info action) in Music Artists view  2011
    DialogCIMenu.xml displays the DVB CI Menu via ??? 2018
    DialogDateTime.xml displays a dialog to select date and time, e.g. when creating/editing a new TV recording schedule (no longer in use?) 2010
    DialogFile.xml displays File Menu options 758
    DialogFileInfo.xml obsolete 1206
    DialogFileStacking.xml multi-file playback - uses Heading in common.dialog for position of images 2008
    DialogIncompatiblePlugins.xml displays dialog/message on startup listing incompatible plugins  2021
    DialogMenu.xml displays the main context menu used in many windows 2012
    DialogMenuBottomRight.xml rarely (never?) used in core plugins 2015
    DialogNotify.xml displays a notification dialog via ??? 2016
    DialogNotifyLastFM.xml displays Love/Ban Dialog in Music Now Playing  512
    dialogOK.xml displays a 'confirmation' dialog e.g. when looking up artist and no artist is found 2002
    dialogOldSkin.xml displays a dialog/ message when skin version is incompatible 2020
    DialogPictureInfo.xml displays the Picture properties or info screen via 3 key/yellow remote button (Show Info action)  in Pictures  2014
    DialogPlayStop.xml displays a dialog when manually stopping TV playback in fullscreen 102
    dialogProgress.xml displays a dialog with a progress bar e.g. in Music Album/Artist lookup or RSS News 101
    dialogRating.xml displays a rating dialog e.g to rate a track  in Music via F9/Info key 2013
    DialogSelect.xml displays a selection dialog  e.g. to select results of Music Artist/Album or Video Lookup 2009
    DialogSelect2.xml second selection dialog - appears to be used only by MiniDisplay plugin? 2000
    DialogText.xml not currently in use? 7900
    DialogTVConflict.xml displays a message/dialog when there is a conflict in scheduled TV recording (replaces former TV Conflict skin files) 2017
    dialogTVNotifyYesNo.xml displays a Yes/No dialog when a program is about to start  2019
    DialogVideoArtistInfo.xml displays the Artist Info lookup screen via F3 key/yellow remote button (Show Info action) in Video Actors view   614
    DialogVideoInfo.xml displays the Artist Info lookup screen via F3 key/yellow remote button (Show Info action) in Videos plugin 2003
    dialogYesNo.xml Displays a Yes/No dialog to confirm an action, e.g. to delete a recording 100


    File Description id
    mytvguide.xml TV Guide / EPG 600
    mytvhomeserver.xml TV home screen 1
    mytvNoSignal.xml   749
    mytvpriorities.xml   607
    mytvprogram.xml   748
    mytvRecordedInfo.xml   759
    mytvrecordedtv.xml recorded TV overview 603
    mytvschedulerServer.xml Scheduled TV window 601
    mytvschedulerServerSearch.xml   747
    mytvschedulerserverSearchType.xml   746
    mytvsearch.xml   604
    mytvtuningdetails.xml   3012
    TVCropSettings.xml   3011
    TVMiniGuide.xml Mini Guide version of TV Guide displays via Channel button in TV home 3009
    TVOSD.xml On Screen Display in TV playback via F9 key or Info/More remote button 3003
    tvOverlay.xml the small TV preview or overlay window that displays in most windows when TV is playing 3002
    TvServerSetup.xml   709
    tvZAPOSD.xml   3007


    File Description id
    musicFullScreen.xml   511
    MusicMenu.xml allows skins to display a separate window for Music related Items, especially from Basic Home. 8888
    musicOverlay.xml the small music preview or overlay window that displays in most windows when music is playing 2004
    musicVisualisation.xml   2006
    MyMusicCoverArtGrabberProgress.xml   509
    MyMusicCoverArtGrabberResults.xml   508
    NOT a typical MP GUIWindow but rather a standard Windows control. Controls how the Now Playing popup is rendered when in fullscreen visualization mode.
    mymusicgenres.xml the main music window for database views: artist, album, genres etc 504
    MyMusicPlayingNow.xml the Now Playing window when music is playing 510
    MyMusicPlayingNowAnVU.xml the Now Playing window with analog vu meter when music is playing 510
    MyMusicPlayingNowLedVU.xml the Now Playing window with LED vu meter when music is playing 510
    mymusicplaylist.xml music playlist screen 500
    mymusicsongs.xml music shares view screen 501


    File Description id
    myvideo.xml video shares view 6
    myvideoplaylist.xml video playlist screen 28
    myvideoTitle.xml video database views - however use ID 6 for hyperlink as it automatically retains users previous view. 25
    videoFullScreen.xml   2005
    videoOSD.xml   2901
    videoOverlay.xml   3000
    videoOverlayTop.xml   3008


    File Description id
    myradio.xml   30
    myradioguide.xml   762
    myradiorecorded.xml displays recorded radio much like recorded TV  763
    myradiosearch.xml Offers search of radio guide programs much like TV search 8900


    File Description id
    mypics.xml   2
    slideshow.xml   2007


    File Description id
    mynumberplace.xml   7777
    myweather.xml   2600
    myrss.xml   2700
    mytetris.xml   7776
    MyRadioLastFM.xml   7890
    wikipedia.xml   4711
    myfsteletext.xml teletext (fullscreen) 7701
    myteletext.xml teletext (windowed) 7700


    File Description id
    settings.xml   4
    settings_dvd.xml   704
    settings_general.xml   705
    settings_movies.xml   703
    settings_recording.xml   701
    settings_tv.xml   700
    settings_tvEpg.xml   706
    settings_tvepg_select.xml   707
    settings_tvSort.xml   702
    SettingsGUI.xml   31
    SettingsMyMusic.xml   14
    SettingsOSD.xml   18
    settingsScreen.xml   9
    settingsScreenCalibration.xml   11
    settingsSkipSteps.xml   708
    SettingsSlideShow.xml   12
    settingsUICalibration.xml   10
    settings_weather.xml [Since 1.3] 17

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