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Rename ViewMode to Layout in GUIFacadeControl


    • Required:  Yes
    • Type of Change:  Rework

    In an effort to promote consistency and reduce confusion between code and UI terminology, facade related properties and methods have been renamed from ViewMode to Layout to reflect what the UI calls "Layout", and reduce confusion with "View" controls (what is usually referred to as a DB View, in UI the "Switch View" button).

    Description of Change

    The following public enums, properties and methods have been renamed. If your plugin uses any of these, they must be updated accordingly for it to work.

    • GUIFacadeControl.ViewMode to GUIFacadeControl.Layout
    • GUIFacadeControl.ListView to GUIFacadeControl.ListLayout
    • GUIFacadeControl.PlayListView to GUIFacadeControl.PlayListLayout
    • GUIFacadeControl.AlbumListView to GUIFacadeControl.AlbumListLayout
    • GUIFacadeControl.FilmstripView to FilmstripLayout
    • GUIFacadeControl.CoverFlowView to GUIFacadeControl.CoverFlowLayout
    • GUIFacadeControl.ThumbnailView to GUIFacadeControl.ThumbnailLayout
    • GUIFacadeControl.View to GUIFacadeControl.CurrentLayout
    • GUIFacadeControl.CurrentView to GUIFacadeControl.LayoutControl
    • Removed Views enum from BaseShare.ShareData and Share classes and use GUIFacadeControl.Layout directly

    Optional, but strongly encouraged changes:

    • For saving and loading the last used layout, your plugin should use the entry "layout" instead of "view", to keep consistency with how internal plugins behave now in this respect.
    • When exposing control ids for skins, use consistent values for the common controls. see here for the values and more information: Common Control IDs

    Additional Information and References

    • Mantis Issue: 3201
    • Related xml(s):  Enter the name of any xml(s), affected by the change.
    • Window ID:  Enter the xml Window ID(s) here.
    • Related GUI property/control:  Enter the name of the GUI property AND skin control (i.e. GUI.listcontrol and listcontrol) and link it to the related Wiki page under Skin Architecture.

    XML/Code Samples

    Sample of change for loading last used layout:


    currentViewMode = (GUIFacadeControl.ViewMode)xmlreader.GetValueAsInt(SerializeName, "view", defaultViewMode);


    currentLayout = (GUIFacadeControl.Layout)xmlreader.GetValueAsInt(SerializeName, "layout", defaultLayout);



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