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Compile and Build MP1

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    How to compile and build MediaPortal 1.


    alert_icon.pngIn order to reduce the size of the MediaPortal Git repository and simplify merging branches and testing, C++ sourced binaries have been removed from the repository as of April, 2013, .

    This change affects the way in which you setup your system to compile and build MediaPortal.

    Note: First you must setup your system with the required software, see Git Setup.

    Compiling with MSBuild

    MSBuild is a command line tool that can be used to build MediaPortal and TV Server. Batch or script files for compiling the various components are available in the Build folder in the GIT repository.

    Compile the Source Code

    To recompile all (C++ & C#) run following script:


    To recompile only managed code (C#) run following script:


    To build an NSIS installer run:


    Note: the MSBUILD_Rebuild_ALL*.bat  scripts also build the DirectShow Filters. If you use the .bat scripts to build only the Client or TVServer_Client, you'll have to build the DirectShow Filters first!

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