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IIS Edition


    WebMediaPortal can also be used with a standard IIS installation. Please only do this if you're a bit experienced, as it's a bit hard to setup.


    • MPExtended depends on the full .NET 4 framework, which you can download from the Microsoft site.
      To check if .NET 4 is already installed in Windows 7: Open Control Panel - Programs - Programs and Features and look for Microsoft .NET Framework 4,Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Extended or Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 (Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile is just a subset of features from .NET Framework 4 and isn't enough to run MPExtended).
      Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 include .Net 4.5, which supports applications written for 4.0, so there is no need to install .Net 4.0 on Windows 8.
    • WebMediaPortal also requires ASP.NET MVC3, which you also can download from the Microsoft site. This is bundled with the normal WebMediaPortal installation, but not with the IIS Edition.


    Windows 7

    Register ASP.NET with IIS by running the following commands as Administrator:

    cd %windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319
    aspnet_regiis -ir
    cd %windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319
    aspnet_regiis -ir

    Windows 8

    It is not needed to register ASP.NET with IIS in Windows 8. Instead install ASP.NET 4.5 using the Turn Windows Features On or Off dialog.

    Windows Features - ASP.NET 4.5.PNG


    1. WebMediaPortal gets its data from the MPExtended services, so you have to install it too. If you are using a multiseat setup, you have to install these on a different computer. See the installation guide of the services for more details.
    2. Download the IIS edition of the installer from our site. Installation is really simple and should complete within a minute.


    You have to configure IIS manually. The following settings are recommended:

    • Application Pool, ASP.NET version: v4.0 or v4.5
    • Application Pool, Enable 32-Bit Applications: True
      IIS - Application Pools - Advanced Settings - Enable 32-Bit Applications.png

      NOTE: This setting used to be False for MPExtended 0.4.3, and should be True for MPExtended 0.5 and newer.
    • Application Pool, managed pipeline mode: Integrated
    • Physical Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\MPExtended\WebMediaPortal\www (or any other directory you chose during installation, but make sure to point at the www directory).

    Make sure to configure WebMediaPortal as an Application, not as a virtual directory. Getting this wrong will result in HTTP 403 errors, such as mentioned in this thread.

    Finally, you have to give the user your application pool runs as write permissions to C:\ProgramData\MPExtended. For the default settings, this is the group IIS_IUSRS.

    It still doesn't work

    There are a few things you can try if it still doesn't work, though these shouldn't be required for normal installations:

    • Check the Troubleshooting page.
    • This hotfix has been reported to fix some problems with HTTP 403 errors.
    • You might need to configure the handler manually, using the guide in this post.

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