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    This is an overview of the used terminology in MPExtended and sometimes also on the forums:

    • Configurator: the tray app / configuration program, which hosts USS
    • GMA: Predecessor of MAS
    • MAS: MediaAccessService, the service which handles access to MediaPortal client databases and plugins
    • MEF: Managed extensibility framework, a Microsoft framework to dynamically load plugins, used in MAS.
    • TAS: TvAccessService, the service which handles access to the TV Server
    • TV4Home: Predecessor of TAS
    • USS: UserSessionService, a service for starting/stopping MediaPortal and shutting down / rebooting the PC.
    • WebMP: WebMediaPortal, a webinterface for MediaPortal
    • WSS: WebStreamingService, a live transcoding and media streaming service

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