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    For users

    MPExtended is a project that aims at providing access to MediaPortal from all over the world. To reach this goal, we and others have developed multiple applications. To get your setup up and running, please read the instructions below and download the needed components. It's quite simple actually, you can have it working in under 10 minutes.

    The MPExtended Service is the core component, which you'll always want to install on your HTPC or server. It provides the necessary functions for other programs to interact with the MediaPortal databases and TV server.

    If you want to browse through your media libraries, schedule recordings and watch TV (and more) from your browser, you want to install MPExtended WebMediaPortal on the server too. It provides a web interface that can be used from every browser.

    There are also native applications available for Android (MPTvScheduler, aMPdroid), Windows Phone (MPTVClient) and MediaPortal 2 (SlimTV), which are easier to use than the web interface on these platforms. If your platform isn't listed, there still might be a native application available. Please search the forums for more information.

    For developers

    To reach our goal of providing access to MediaPortal from all over the world, we've developed two applications:

    • MPExtended Service, which offers an easy-to-use SOAP and REST API for both the MediaPortal client and TV server. It offers access to all MediaPortal databases and those of most popular plugins, and also full access to the TV server functions (recordings, schedules, EPG). It also includes a streaming service with on-the-fly transcoding to allow watching media on most platforms.
    • MPExtended WebMediaPortal, a web interface that exposes the data from the service in a easy-to-use web interface. It offers support for media browsing, streaming and scheduling, and can easily be extended with plugins and skins.

    The latest version of MPExtended is always available in our forums and on our homepage.

    If you are a developer and are interested in developing clients based upon MPExtended, you can find some incomplete developer documentation in here. If you've any questions, please feel free to ask. Support is available via IRC in #mp-extended on freenode, or on the forums.

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