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Using aMPed SVN


    If you wish to keep up to date with all the changes, new features, new plugins supported in aMPed you can do so by using aMPed SVN on Google Code.

    Important Notes

    1. WC = Working Copy (SVN checkout directory) EC = Exported Copy
    2. Never remove, overwrite or change the hidden ".svn" directories in your SVN folders, or you will break your WC. But don't panic if you do, just download, i.e 'checkout', a new copy.
    3. The files in your WC should mirror the most current skin so do not manually modify your WC. Make modifications or additions to an Exported copy (EC).

    Initial Import (Checkout)

    1. Download latest Tortoise SVN, install and reboot.
    2. Create a directory where you want to download the SVN files (e.g. aMPed on a test machine or aMPed SVN anywhere on your 'live' system). This will be your working copy (WC)
    3. If you wish to use your WC as your aMPed skin in MediaPortal, make sure it is store in your skin folder.
    4. Right click this folder and click "SVN Checkout"
    5. In the field "URL of repository", enter - Note the /skin at the end
    6. Choose the checkout directory where the files will be downloaded.
    7. Press OK when done

    Testing aMPed (Building Installer)

    If there are changes to aMPedConfig or the Editor you need to download the whole trunk not just skin files.  

    You can do the same as above except:

    1. Use  as your checkout directory. 
    2. Do not save your WC to the MediaPortal skin folder because the skin folder is not at the top-level of the folder structure and will not be recognized by MP.
    3. Once you have 'checked out' SVN, go to the \build folder and run BUILD_MpePackage.bat.  This will create the installer for you such as:  amped- You can then install the skin exactly as you would a final version.
    4. Each time you update from SVN, just build the installer and reinstall.
    5. Of course, once you have installed, you can move the \skin SVN folder to the MediaPortal skins folder and just update the skin from SVN using as the URL of the repository.

    Notes:  To build an installer, the PC must have the correct version of MediaPortal installed (and .net 3.5). For Windows 2008 Server you need Windows SDK for Server 2008 to build the installer.

    Updating (SVN Update)

    Updating means downloading the latest SVN files

    1. Right click on your WC and click SVN update
    2. Click done when finished

    If you use aMPedConfig on your WC to change themes, fonts or other layout options:

    • Use the Restore defaults button BEFORE updating. This will revert your files to their original locations so they can be 'synced' by SVN. You can easily re-select your settings after updating from SVN. If you encounter any difficulties, delete your files and Checkout again.


    • open aMPedConfig AFTER you update and re-apply your settings (they should be auto saved for you)


    Testers have access to features in development. New features are usually developed in branches. 

    Once they have been tested, they are moved to SVN Trunk for access by all SVN users.

    If you would like to participate in new developments and help test, then contact us in the aMPed forum , on #amped IRC channel, or by MP Forum Conversation (Private Message).

    Running the latest version?

    V1.15.0 - released June 2016
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