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    Having problems? Check out our aMPed Troubleshooting guides.

    Skin Options

    If your options are not displaying correctly, simply run aMPedConfig, make sure you have the correct screen size and options selected, then press Apply and Run. Or you may use the 'Result Defaults' button to check if the issue exists even using the default settings.


    If you install a new plugin supported by aMPed (see Supported Plugins) and you have any problems:

    1. First check if the issue exists using the plugin in the Default skin
    2. Re-install aMPed (it will keep your  current settings) to ensure the proper skin files are installed. Sometimes pllugins may contain older versions of aMPed skin files.

    WARNING: If you install other skins that install plugins as part of the skin installation, please be aware that these skins often install different versions of plugins which may not be compatible with aMPed or other skins. See Supported Plugins for the versions that work with aMPed.

    aMPed Config

    Note: the aMPedConfig.exe MUST reside in the MP Program Files folder, so don't delete it! The installer will automatically delete it and any temp files when you uninstall the skin using the MediaPortal Extension Installer (MPEI).

    New versions of aMPed may contain changes to aMPedConfig and Basic Home editor. You must use the compatible versions of aMPedConfig and skin files.

    If  you use aMPed SVN for updates, be sure to install new releases of aMPed before updating only the skin files. Or, you may choose to update the whole trunk, build the installer yourself and reinstall aMPed.  See Using aMPed SVN for details.

    Date Formats

    When you use abbreviated days/months for your short date format, aMPedConfig actually edits your existing language string files. It will keep a backup of your current string files and restore them when you remove/uninstall the skin. BUT, if you make manual edits to them after installing aMPed, back up your string file(s) before removing aMPed or you will lose the changes when your previous files are restored.

    Running the latest version?

    V1.15.0 - released June 2016
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