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    View the Gallery of aMPed Screenshots to see all the effects or styles you can create.

    aMPed Layouts

    aMPed offers a standard layout for most windows, so you can always find data and functions easily and intuitively. However, there are many ways you can customize the look and feel of aMPed.  See Features to learn about all the unique features in aMPed.  See Choosing Opitons to learn how to mix and match options to get the look you prefer.

    Home Screens

    aMPed provides3 different Basic Home Layouts:

    1. revaMPed - menu style with sub menus accessible via arrow keys
    2. Vintage (formerly Classic) - button style with separate windows for Watch, Music, News, Games, System etc.
    3. Touch - combination of revaMPed layout for main menu and Vintage sub menus for Touch screen or mouse users

    You can customize and save your own mods of any of the default layouts (see Basic Home Editor)

    Classic (My) Home

    ClassicHome_4x3.jpg 02_MyHome_aMPed_15pt.jpg
    Infoservice News • Latest Media tickers   Custom backdrops • fanart or any image/folder on your PC


    revaMPed Basic Home BasicHome_revaMPed_RadioSubmenu.jpg
    Edit the menu options and backdrops that display Left arrow for Actions • right arrow for submenus like Radio 

    Vintage and Touch

    BasicHome_Vintage_WeatherForecast.jpg 06_BasicHome_Vintage_SuperBlue_18pt.jpg
    Vintage with InfoService Weather via down arrow Orange Update button displays when an update is available for any extenison.
    BasicHome Vintage Watch Sub Menu 08_BasicHome_Touch_Monochrome_18pt.jpg
    Watch Sub Menu with Media Overlay Playing Touch combines revaMPed main layout with Vintage sub menus

    Basic Home Editor

    aMPed provides a graphical Basic Home Editor for both revaMPed and Vintage Layouts to select menu options, backdrops, etc. The Vintage Editor can even select the button layout.

    aMPedBasicHomeEditorRevaMPed.jpg aMPedBasicHomeEditorBackdrops.jpg
    revaMPed Editor Backdrops Editor
    aMPedBasicHomeEditorVintage.jpg aMPedBasicHomeEditorAdvanced.png
    Vintage Editor Watch Menu Advanced Item Editor



    VideoList.jpg VideoListDetails.jpg
    Default List Layout - selectable list widths Press the right arrow for Details view (Wide Fanart option displayed)
    VideoListBigCovers.jpg PicturesThumbBackdrops.jpg
    Big Covers and no fanart for a minimalist look

    Display Thumb Backdrops in Pictures, Video Thumbs, TV Series Playlists etc.

    FilmsList_BigCover_DetailsZoom.jpg 14_RecordedTV_BigIconList_aMPed_15pt.jpg
    Big Covers zoom when accessing Details or Menu Big Icon Lists offer a wider list more info and built -n details view via right arrow


    VideoThumbsIcons.jpg TVSeries_WideBanners.jpg
    Video Thumbs Layouts use wide resolution TV Series Wide Banners with large cover
    MusicAlbumsIcons.jpg TVSeriesMenu.jpg
    Music Albums •  Big Icons layout • all details display  Fanart displays when accessing menus in Icons Layouts


    MovPicsFilmstrip.jpg 19_mvCentral_Coverflow_aMPed_18pt.jpg
    Filmstrip layouts display cast • details on menu access

    as of v 3.4 use down arrow for deatils in Coverflow layouts


    VideoPlaylists.jpg 20_Music_PlayLists_Media_Overlay_SuperBlue_15pt.jpg
    Video Playlists can display thumb backdrops

    Music Playlists display Artist, Album and Track Info
     new widescreen overlays when media is playing with music fanart


    MuaicNowPlayingTrackInfo.jpg 22_Lyrics_SuperBlue_15pt.jpg
    Now Playing offers Artist, Album, Track and Internet views

    Jump from Now Playing to the Lyrics Plugin

    Video Playback

    VideoPlayStart.jpg 26_VideoOSD_SuperBlue_18pt.jpg
    new in v3.4 • popup info on video playback 

    exandable Video OSD displays actors, clearart or video thumbs if available

    TV Guide

    TVGuide10 line.jpg 24_TVHome_WineGlass_15pt.jpg
    TV Guide 10 line (8 line available for larger fonts)

    in v3.4 TV Home includes backdrops, links to related plugins and 'On Next'


    Weather2.jpg 28_WorldWeather_HourlyView_Monochrome_15pt.jpg
    yrWeather forecast by day

    World weather hourly view, highlight 'next' for next 6 hrs


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    V1.15.0 - released June 2016
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