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TV-Server Plugins


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    Documentation overview

    Below is an overview of documentation for community plug-ins for TV-Server

    Name Author Description Type Compatible With Status
    ForTheRecord dvdfreak Advanced scheduling for recordings External and plugin TV Server active
    iPiMP Cheezey A iPhone friendly web interface for MediaPortal External and plugin TV Server and MediaPortal client active
    PowerScheduler++ michael_t Advanced PowerScheduler plugin with new features and support for "away mode". Plugin TV Server and MediaPortal client active
    ScheduleDirect ? Populates Electronic Program Guide (EPG) with data from SchedulesDirect Plugin TV Server active
    TV Anytime nu_81 Automatically records movies based on a set of criteria.
    Has both MP Client and TV-Server components
    Plugin TV Server active
    TV Thumbnailer kiwijunglist
    ​​Creates thumbnails for tv recordings using internet + locally sourced images
    Plugin TV Server active
    Web Radio Importer Cheezey A plugin to add radio stations streamed over the internet as TV Server Radio channels. Plugin TV Server active
    Webserver + Interface Big_Kev A stand alone webserver and interface External TV Server inactive

    Write documentation for your plugin:

    1. Update the list on this wiki page to include your plugin. Try to keep the list alphabetically! (The common "My" part of the pluginname can be ignored, so that "My DVDs" would be under "D" for "DVDs", not under "M" for "My".)
    2. Write a wiki documentation page, select the PluginTemplate when creating a new page.

    How to write a TV Server Plugin

    If you see the need for a specific functionality of the TV Server and have programming capabilities take a look at our TV Server Plugin development guide

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