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    chefkoch has deprecated this page or content because this extension is no longer in development.

    Sat, 03 Dec 2016 11:34:26 GMT


    WIP on an alternative/update to myprograms.

    Still features and bugs to fix.

    Do NOT USE on your real MP-installation, only for tests..


    Version: 0.1.?.?

    Release date: 2007-??-??

    Development Status: in Development

    Download: v0.1.0.11

    Download: v0.1.0.12


    The plugin is only available as an MPI-installer-package. So just install it with MPinstaller and it's done. 


    How to set up MAME?

    1. Create a new Application item
    2. Name your item (ie "MAME") and select the path to your executable
    3. Now have a look at the order, I think this causes your problems
      1. Select the correct roms folder
      2. Click this button
      3. Hit the "update database" button
    4. You now should see all your roms... but since this plugin is not bugfree, yet you have to do some cleanup:MyProgramsV2-MAME4.png.gif
      1. Delete the "dir" entry as well as your console OS files (like "NeoGeo", "NSS", "NSS_SMW", "PLAYCH10"... you might have only "NeoGeo")

      2. You can edit the names of your Games by selecting them and then click on "Edit". Note: You cannot change your images here (buggy feature). Just create a .jpg file with a name equal to your rom file (ie "" -> "garou.jpg") and copy it to your "MediaPortal\thumbs\MyProgramsAlt\MAME" directory (\MAME subdir if you named your Application item "MAME")

    How to set up a direct filelauncher item?

    1. Add an Application item
    2. Set the title for this application item, this won't be shown anywhere, but it will used as subfolder for the thumbnails of the games.
    3. Now click on this checkbox, it will enable that these files, which we will add later will be shown after myPrograms plugin is open, without the need to open a subfolder "PC Games".
    4. If you want to define pc games or other applications as files, we need to check "ShellExecute".

    5. Now switch to "Files"-tabpage.
    6. To add a new file item, press "New".

    7. Press the button to search the application you want to launch.
    8. Now you can edit the name.
    9. Finally add the file by pressing OK.
    10. If you open this fileitem again, you will see the filename, which is used as thumbnail. So you can rename your file, according to this and copy it in this folder.

    Change Log

    • v0.1.0.12 - 2008-01-25

      • fixed/changed: complete rework for the "display files as root"-feature, can be activated multiple times now, also working within grouper items
      • fixed: possible problems images when an application or file title contained invalid filenames
      • fixed: filesView tabPage was displayed for an grouper-item, which throws an exception
    • v0.1.0.11 - 2007-11-28

      • fixed: it is possible to change the imagefile in file details dialog, even if default folder/filenames were used
      • fixed: it is possible to edit the imagedirectory on FilesViewTab, even if default folder/filenames were used

      • fixed: it is possible to rescan imagefolders on FilesViewTab, even if default folder/filenames were used

    • v0.1.0.10 - 2007-11-18

      • added: option to set an application item as root, so it is possible to show it's files in root view together with other application items
    • v0.1.0.9 - 2007-11-04

      • changed: remember last used application is now optional
    • v0.1.0.8 - 2007-11-04

      • plugin is distributed as MPI package from now on

      • changed: plugin uses now it's own WindowsIDs (not Window.Files anymore) to prevent problems with old MyPrograms PluginName
      • fixed: if default title "My Programs Alt." was used, "My Programs" was displayed in GUI

      • fixed: exception when no profiles config file was found

    Known Problems / Troubleshooting

    • When adding a new Application item, a new folder called "new item" in thumbs\MyProgramsAlt is created.

    • bei mame werden auch die Konsolen-roms importiert (quasi die betriebssystem images der konsolen), das müsste auch noch raus... schau mal in den thread, ich habe eine anleitung verfasst, da siehst du was ich meine
    • config -> FilesViewTab -> press "update database" -> press no when asked, if you really want to reimport -> no the button is disabled, and can't be clicked again

    • There is no skin-file for BlueTwo wide out-of-the-box.

    Running the latest version?

    V1.15.0 - released June 2016
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