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eXtreme Movie Manager (XMM)

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    eXtreme Movie Manager is one of the most advanced Movies/TV Series/Actors collection manager around. It can catalog movies stored on your Hard Disk and removable devices in seconds, with all information about codecs, resolutions etc. automatically. XMM imports movie information and covers directly from many different online databases (over 100).



    Export XML - the default export file for XMM is XML-Export.xml.  It is stored by default in the FileAviSearchPath set in File Manager, but you can select any folder when exporting.


    Use the Setup Wizard:

    • Catalog type - Extreme Movie Manager
    • Catalog XML - select the XML file you exported from XMM (see above)

    The wizard presets most settings for you, however you should verify them, especially the paths set for displaying images in Artwork Setup.

    Note: My Films will automatically select the correct paths for artwork if you are using XMM v7.1.3.6 or later. In previous versions, XMM did not have a 'general' folder for each database. It had separate folders for artwork images \[DBname]_Covers, etc.  So if you are using an older version, you must set the paths for covers, fanart etc in Artwork Setup.

    Supported Features

    Most My Films features are supported for XMM catalogs, including:

    • Local Trailers - if you add local  trailer files to XMM Trailer 1/2 fields they can be played in My Films
    • actor and other 'credits' or persons photos
    • fanart - only a single image per film since multiple images are not stored in a separate folder for each film
    • Watched status - displayed but updates can only be done in XMM

    Note: You can use My Films to download fanart images and add them to sub folders where your XMM fanart is stored.  These images will then display in My Films, but not in XMM.

    Field Mapping

    Fields are listed by the field name in the xml, sorted by the My Films/AMC xml. Items in red are not currently exported or mapped and thus not displayed in My Films.   See below for a list of Fields in XMM not mapped or displayed in My Films.


    MyFilms (AMC) Notes XMM Notes
    Movie Number   MovieID  
    Checked usually used for watched info Seen  
    MediaLabel   MediaLabel  
    MediaType   Media  
    Source   MovieFile1  
    Date   DateInsert  
    Borrower multiple values Loaner  
    Rating   Rating  
    OriginalTitle   OriginalTitle  
    TranslatedTitle   Title Note: AKAs are added by some scripts to Custom Field 9, but not mapped
    FormattedTitle     not supported in XMM - Options allow formatting of Title field which can then be selected as Formatted Field in MyFIlms..
    Director multiple values Director  
    Producer multiple values
    may also be Writers
    Producer Note: Writer is exported as a separate extended field and supported in My Films.
    Country   Country  
    Category   Genre, Subgenre Subgenres are added to Category field. The XMM Category field is mapped to Tags.
    Year   Year  
    Length   Length  
    Actors multiple values Actors, Roles multiple values - MF supports both Actors and Roles
    URL   InternetID MyFilms uses\title\tt0+InternetID (WebID in XMM GUI)
    Description   Plot  
    Comments   Comments  
    VideoFormat   Codec  
    VideoBitrate   Bitrate  
    AspectRatio Calc by MyFIlms Screentratio not mapped since MyFilms calculates this field automatically
    AudioFormat single value AudioCodec  
    AudioBitrate   AudioBitrate  
    Resolution   Resolution  
    Framerate   FPS  
    Languages multiple values OriginalLanguage multiple values
    Subtitles multiple values Subtitles multiple values
    Size   Filesize  
    Disks   Disks  
    Picture   Cover  

    Extended Fields

    In addition to the internal supported fields, My Films supports extended fields for:

    • Writer - preset as a Custom Display Item when you use the Setup Wizard and can be used to create a custom view 
    • Certification (MPAA) - can be displayed as a Custom Display Item or mapped to either the Description or Comments field on the External Catalogs Setup tab
    • Tagline - can be displayed as a Custom Display Item or mapped to either the Description or Comments field on the External Catalogs Setup tab
    • Tags - can be displayed as a Custom Display Item, and/or used to create a custom view similar to Categories (Genres)

    For further details how to display these fields see Customizing Display; and Custom learn how to create a view based on these fields.

    My Films also generates several fields when you open the plugin in MediaPortal:

    • IndexedTitle
    • DateAdded
    • RecentlyAdded
    • AgeAdded
    • Persons

    These fields are supported for any catalog and can be used within My Films to create views, or as custom display items. However, the data is not saved when you exit My Films, and cannot be viewed/used in your movie catalog app,

    Note: The XMM Category field is mapped to Tags, and MPAA is mapped to Certification

    XMM fields not supported by My Films

    The following fields exist in XMM, and are exported to the xml file, but are not mapped or displayed in My Films:

    • Edition
    • CatalogNo
    • UPC
    • Language (most scripts use OriginalLanguage which is supported)
    • Studio
    • Distributor
    • URL - My Films uses InternetID field
    • ScriptUsed
    • WebLinkScript
    • DirectLinkScript
    • WebImported
    • Region
    • VideoDVD
    • AudioDVD
    • MediaYear
    • Position
    • FreeTime
    • Mode
    • Packaging
    • VideoStandard
    • Chapter
    • Musician
    • Photographer
    • Notes
    • Review
    • Location
    • Owner
    • Status
    • DatePurchased
    • AquiredFrom
    • Price
    • Value
    • PersonalRating
    • FilmQuality
    • VideoQuality
    • AudioQuality
    • SeenWhen
    • SeenWhere
    • Loan
    • Loaner
    • DateLoan
    • DateDue
    • Awards
    • Features
    • Color
    • DualSide
    • DualLayer
    • Marked
    • Modified
    • DolbyCodec
    • SampleRate
    • AudioSamplerate
    • Ripped
    • Channels
    • Player
    • VHSAdv
    • Custom1
    • Custom2
    • Custom3
    • Custom4
    • Custom5
    • Custom6
    • Custom7
    • Custom8
    • Custom9
    • Custom10
    • Custom11
    • ChainUsed
    • MovieMD51
    • MovieMD52
    • MovieMD53
    • MovieMD54
    • MovieMD55
    • MovieMD56
    • TrailerMD51
    • TrailerMD52
    • ScreenRatio
    • ScriptFields
    • xHtml
    • Wanted
    • BoxSetID
    • KeyWords
    • MCETitle
    • MovieFileLength1
    • MovieFileLength2
    • MovieFileLength3
    • MovieFileLength4
    • MovieFileLength5
    • MovieFileLength6
    • SimplyEmpty
    • TVShow
    • BackCover
    • FanArt
    • Premiered
    • Movie3D

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    V1.15.0 - released June 2016
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