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    Use the Update Tab to setup and customize options for updating your AMC catalog type, such as automatically marking watched films (even for different users), auto updating and/or deleting movies, and grabber options when scannupdating movies within MyFilms.


    My Films is one of the only plugins that allows you total control over your data, just by using a remote within MediaPortal. You may update your catalog data by movie or even by field, preserving any manual updates you might have made and updating only the fields you wish.

    Of course, you may also update data manually using your movie catalog software, or even using the View Movies tab in AMC Updater.

    As of v 6.0.0, you no longer need to define update items or properties in setup. You may select any field to update it within MediaPortal. See Update existing films for details.

    You may auto update certain fields:

    • Watched status - select options for auto updating watched status when starting or finishing playback.
    • Deletion options - to auto update your database or files once a movie is played.

    Note: Update options are only supported for Ant Movie Catalog databases.  However, My Films will display the results of updates you perform in other Catalog types, such as watched status. 

    To scan and add new films, see Importing New Films.

    Update Options

    MyFilms will preset most settings based on the choices you select when using the Setup Wizard.


    Watched Status

    If you use the Checked field in AMC to track watched status, you can automatically update the watched status of your films whenever the file is played.


    1. Watched Status Handling - Select when you wish the status to be set to watched:
      1. When movie is launched
      2. When playback is finished (>80%)
    2. Field used for Watched Status - default=Checked - you must select a field if you wish to update watched status either automatically or manually.
    3. Value to identify unwatched items - default=false - If you use the Checked field in AMC database to manage the watched status of your films, you can select whether unwatched films are checked (true) or not (false)
    4. export - backup your watched status to a file with .watched extension (default name is configname.watched) - to back up your watched status before making config changes or to import watch status to a new database
    5. import - restore or import a file with  .watched extensions that you previously exported

    Note:  My Films compares the value in the Field for Watched status with the Value to identify unwatched items.  If they match My Films sets "user.watched.value" to "true", otherwise it is set to empty.

    Multi-User States

    Note: As of v 6.0.0 'Enhanced Watch Status' has been changed to 'Multi-User States' and is enabled automatically for AMC4 catalog types. It is no longer supported for AMC3 catalog types, however data will be 'migrated' when switching to AMC4 catalog type.

    On the Update Tab in Setup under Watched Status Handling:

    1. Field used for Watched Status - as of v 6.0.0 this is the field that will be 'synced' to the 'Multi-User States' field. You no longer need to select a 'text' field and can use the Checked field (which is preset by the Setup Wizard for AMC catalog types).  However you may also select the Watched field, or any other field if you wish.  Just make sure you don't use that field for other data!  Then you can use the Checked field for other purposes.
    2. Active User Profile Name - enter the user name you wish to use as the default user in My Films. You may change or add users within My Films using Options > Global Settings > Choose User Profile


    1. When you first switch from AMC3 to AMC4 catalog type, My Films will 'migrate' your standard watched data as soon as you update any data within My Films (such as play a film, change watch status, update data, etc.). 
    2. If you previously used Enhanced Watch Status, My Films will automatically convert the data and add it to the new Multi-User States extended field for AMC4 catalog types.
    3. If you enable Trakt for your config, My Films will sync your watch status and user ratings to the Trakt account that matches the current active user if you have more than one 'Trakt' user. You may also use different Trakt accounts on client PCs. My Films will sync to each Trakt account separately. See Trakt Setup for more info.

    Deletion Options

    As of v 6.0.0, you can choose to either manual or automatic deletion within My Films by enabling the option in Setup on the Updates tab:


    See  Delete Films Setup guide for details on other methods to automatically remove (Purge) records from your database/catalog during import, or batch deleting films.

    Manual Deletion

    When manual deletion is enabled, the context menu (via F9 or Info/More remote button) on both the main and details window,will display an option to 'Delete Movie...'


    Warning: Using this option will delete the movie file from your drive so use with caution!

    Automatic Deletion

    You can delete movies (entries) from your database catalog, and/or even your movie files from within My Films in MediaPortal. 

    Note: If you enable automatic deletion, the context menu within MyFilms will display an option to Delete movie... (see above screenshot) which will perform the action you select here: 


    1. Enable automatic deletion - allows you to automatically update your database and files once a movie is watched
    2. Choose one of the following from the drop down list:
      • Delete DB entry only (default)
      • Delete both DB entry and movie file
      • Update DB entry - Keep movie file
      • Update DB entry - Delete movie file

    When you enable automatic deletion, you can also select a specific field to update once a file finishes playing:

    1. Update field when player finishes - check to enable
      1. Select the field to update from the drop down list
      2. Enter the value (i.e. text) you wish to automatically enter in the field

    My Films Internal Internet Grabbing

    You may update data for a selected film within My Films using Get Internet film Info on the Details window context menu (F9 or Info/more key). Select the options you wish to use for these updates on the Update Tab in Setup, under the MyFilms Internal Internet Grabbing section:


    1. Default Grabber Script - preset based on the country you select in Setup Wizard or under Grabber Override Options > Preferred Languages/Countries (see below). Or you may use the browse button [,,,] to select the Grabber Script you prefer (see Grabber Scripts for details about the different grabbers)
    2. Filter Grabber Scripts - filter the grabbers that display when you update movies (via Get Internet Info) or covers in MyFilms:
      • Enter the two letter language code (e.g. 'en' for English, 'de' for German, etc.)
      • Separate multiple languages with either a comma or semicolon
      • Choose 'all' for multiple languages
      • Leave blank for all grabbers
    3. try to find best match automatically - (default=off) - when off, My Films will provide you with a list of possible matches for each film when updating existing films or using the Cover Manager, NOT when importing new films using AMC Updater.
    4. don't use default script (ask) (default=on) - lets you choose which grabber script to use for different field or record updates (will be filtered according to the Filter Grabber Scripts selection)
    5. Title for Internet Updates - select the Title field you wish to use for 'matching' and finding the correct film to update
    6. Grabber Option - Click to open the Grabber Scripts Editor nd customize options for the selected grabber script

    Note: You may also change don't use default script (ask) in MyFilms (see Using My Films):

    1. On the main menu, select Options > Global Settings
    2. Manually choose grabber script (default=on)

    Grabber Override Options

    Grabber override options allow you to set options for all grabbers by Config. You can use different override options for different Configs. Override options always take precedence over specific grabber options. The settings on the Update Tab in MyFilms setup are automatically synced to AMCU settings on the Options tab. However, you can change those settings for Import or Update operations using AMC Updater without altering your default settings (unless you save the changes) 

    Grabber Override Options only work if your selected grabber script supports those options. 

    enlightened  Tip
    You can add values, separated by a comma, to Preferred Languages/Countries If you wish, such as 'International', or 'Ontario' to get only certifications for Ontario rather than all English certifications.
    Then, set Limit # Titles =1 if you wish to grab multiple certifications but only AKA titles for the first country/language selected


    • Preferred Languages/Countries - select ONLY the AKA Titles and Certifications for the selected Language/Country - default = the country you select in Setup Wizard. 
    • Get Actor Roles - true or false (default=true)
    • Limit # Persons - applies to all persons: actors, directors, producers (if supported by the grabber), writers, etc depending on what the grabber script supports
    • Limit # Titles - limits the number of AKA titles grabbed by IMDB-Full grabber (the only site/grabber that supports multiple AKAs)

    Note: Separators, which determine how MyFilms identifies multiple values in a field (e.g. Countries, AKA titles, persons etc.), can be customized on the Views tab in MyFilms setup to match your data.


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