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    How to select options to import films into My Films database (AMC format only)


    As of v 6.0.0 the new Import tab in Setup allows you to view and change the settings preset for importing new films into your AMC database.  These options apply to both:

    1. Import new Films - using the Import/Update all movies option in the Main menu  > Global Updates, in My Films
    2. Import Movies via AMC Updater

    Import Options

    MyFilms will preset most settings based on the choices you select when using the Setup Wizard. However you may customize how MyFilms imports your movies, both in the background (using AMC Updater) or from within MyFilms.

    Note: The settings you select here are automatically synced to the AMCU settings, and saved in the AMCU settings file for the current Config.


    AMC Updater options (for global internet update functions)

    These options apply when you use the Get Internet Info option or Global Updates > Import/Update all movies in My Films

    1. Enable AMC Updater (default=enabled for AMC catalogs) - required for global import/updates within My Films
    2. Import if no auto match (default=enabled for AMC catalogs) - when Importing in My Films GUI via Global Updates menu, My Films will import the media file(s) and media Info. You may then use Updates > Get Internet Info to manually match and update the movie info using your preferred grabber.
      Note: This setting can be different than the setting you use when importing using AMC Updater >  Import Movies Tab.
    3. AMCU Config File - (default=MyFilmsAMCSettings_xxxx.xml where xxxx is the name of the current config.)  - preset to the Config name you enter when you use the Setup Wizard. Each config can use a different AMCU config file with different settings.
    4. Scheduler for AMC Updater - you can schedule a Windows task if you would like AMCU to regularly scan and add new films rather than select the option either in AMCU or in MF Global Updates.

    Note: AMCU has its own settings file separate from MyFilms.xml config/settings file.

    enlightened As of v 6.1.0 there are two new options to auto import new movies: 

    1. Scan on Startup - enable this option if you wish to check for new films added to your movie scan paths whenever you first load MyFilms.
      • Start Delay - in order to ensure MyFilms has fully initialized your database, it is recommended to delay the scan on startup
    2. Watch Scan paths - enable this option if you wish MyFilms to add new films whenever changes are made to your movie scan paths. However, it will only detect changes while MyFilms is loaded.

    You can enable both options if you wish to ensure all new films are automatically added whether or not MyFilms is loaded.

    Note: The import runs in the background using AMCUpdater - so ensure your AMCU Settings meet your needs. In particular the setting for Import behaviour in MyFilms in AMCU Import Settings which determines if you wish to import only the movie title and media info if a match cannot be found automatically.

    AMC Updater External Application

    These options apply when you use AMC Updater as a separate application, accessed from either the Import button in My Films Setup, or a desktop shortcut. 

    1. Movie Scan Paths - preset to the movies path you select in Setup Wizard - automatically saved to AMCU settings when you save config
    2. Title Search Handling - this is one of the most important settings for getting good matches when grabbing data. If you have each movie in a separate folder then usually folder name + Internet lookup will give best results.  My Films will look for year, or IMDB tt number (when using IMDB grabbers) as 'hints' to improve match results. If you use file name + Internet lookup then you will get better results if you add year or tt number to file names. You may also use Scan filters to 'clean up' file names before lookup to get better results.
    3. Purge Orphan Records - select this option if you wish AMCU to remove records in your database when the files are no longer found or available for playback.
    4. Create Desktop Icon - to open AMC Updater as an independent application. You do not need to open MediaPortal Configuration tool and My Films Setup.
    5. (re)Create AMC Updater Default Settings - My Films will automatically sync any changes you make in My Films settings (either in Update Setup or Global Settings within My Films) to AMCU settings. However, you can use this button if you wish to revert AMCU to the default settings.

    There are many more settings you may configure for AMC Updater. The My Films Setup Import tab only displays the most common settings you may wish to change. To change all other AMCU settings, click the Import button, or launch AMCUpdater from the desktop shortcut.  See AMC Updater for detailed documentation of all the settings.

    Update Grabber Scripts

    As of v 6.0.0 you may update grabbers using MyFilms Setup - no need to wait for a new release when a website changes and the grabber is broken:


    • Update Grabber Scripts - simply press the button to check for updates and download new or missing scripts or update existing scripts, if a newer version is available online. After checking online updates, the result will display:
       If an existing grabber script is updated, a backup copy is saved in the ...\MediaPortal\scripts\MyFilms\backup folder.
    • Delete Script Backups - deletes the saved backups 

    You may also modify, or fix broken grabbers using the Grabber Scripts Editor and submit them for testing in the MyFilms forum so they can be added online for all users to update.


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