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MyFilms Setup

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    MyFilms Setup is a Windows configuration tool to setup and customize My Films to meet your needs. It includes a Setup Wizard for Quick Setup. See the Setup Guides for more detailed information and step by step tutorials for specific features or configurations.

    MyFilms Setup

    Before setting up MyFilms you should see:

    • Getting Started - for information on Installing MyFilms, organizing your files, and the SampleMovies DB
    • Supported Catalogs - for details on setup and configuration for the movie catalog you use.
    • Supported Media Types - for special consideration for different media, especially 'offliine' media like DVDs and Blu-rays

    MyFilms Setup opens at the end of installation. In many cases you only need to use the Setup Wizard which will preset most settings for you and you may never need to use Setup again. Many options can be configured or changed within MyFilms.

    enlightened Tool Tips are available to help you for almost every option in Setup. Hover your mouse over a section heading for general info, or over a box for details on what to enter in the specific box.

    Accessing MyFilms Setup

    You may access MyFilms Setup

    1. via a desktop shortcut if you select it in MyFilms installation
    2. via the MediaPortal Configuration Tool - Plugins > MyFilms 


    • Display MyFilms on the Classic (My) Home window by pressing the 'In Home' button.
    • Display MyFilms on the Classic (My) Plugins window by pressing the 'In Plugins' button
    • Press the Config button at the bottom to display the My Films Setup tool.

    Note: Some skins offer Basic Home Editors or settings that allow you to add MyFilms to your Basic Home screen.

    Create or Edit Configuration

    My Films supports multiple configurations (like profiles), either for different databases or for custom settings for different users, such as filters, views, layouts etc for the same database/catalog.

    To create a new Configuration, select a button at the bottom of the Setup screen:

    1. Setup Wizard (recommended) - to start the Setup Wizard which will preset most settings for you.
    2. Copy - to copy and modify an existing configuration 

    When editing an existing configuration, it is essential to understand the settings on all the Setup tabs. Using the Setup Wizard is much easier!

    Note: Settings on each tab are unique for each Configuration while the settings at the top of the screen are 'Global Settings'


    Global Settings

    1. Menu Plugin Name : The name you wish to display in MediaPortal. You may localize the plugin name in your own language.
    2. Configuration Name: Required -  you can define several configurations with different options. So you can define a default configuration for children's movies and another for adult movies that you don't want them to see (eventually protected by a password). Select the configuration you wish from the dropdown list
    3. Configs - displays the number of current valid configurations
    4. Central Config - if you wish to 'sync' your config to client PCs in a Network Setup - see Central Config for details.
    5. Default Configuration: If checked, each time you enter the plugin, the default configuration will be used. If not checked, and 'Display Always Configuration Menu' is also not checked, then MyFilms will load the last configuration used..
    6. Display Always Configuration's Menu (if no Default Config) : If you have defined several configurations, you can choose to display the Choose Config Menu when entering MyFilms. See Multiple DBs or Configs Setup guide for more information.
      1. On - displays a list of Configs (or databases) whenever you open MyFilms
      2. Off with start view defined - displays the start when you first open MyFilms, but returns to last view when re-enteriing
      3. Off without start view defined - displays last view when reentering MyFilms
    7. Start Param - create 'hyperlink' or start parameters which you can use to start MyFilms with specific options, e.g from Basic Home screens. See Hyperlink Parameters for further info.
    8. Preload - as of v 6.1.0 you can preload your config and database when MediaPortal starts. This speeds up performance especially for large catalogs, especially in networked environments. 
      Note: This option cannot be used if you set a password for your default config, or select Display Always Configuration's Menu

    Test Mode

    enlightened  Tip
    Remember to Save your config when you enable/disable Test Mode.

    As of v 6.0.3, a new Test Mode button unlocks features for the next release which are ready for testing.

    1. Enable Test mode (button turns red)
    2. Save Configuration
    3. Use the Default skin (most skins have not had time to implement the new skin features, and usually don't until they have been 'tested') 

    Warning:  You must exit and reload setup to see the additional setup options available in Test Mode.

    When test mode is enabled it will show at the top of your screen after the current config name (and current user name if applicable):


    When you enable test mode, you'll get

    • additional controls in MyFilms setup
    • additional features, e.g. context menu options, in the plugin itself


    For information on using the additional tabs in My Films setup, refer to the specific Tutorials:

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