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Box Sets, Groups

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    How to create groups of films for Box Sets, Series, Collections or other Groups for AMC catalog types.


    There are several ways to create groups in MyFilms: 

    1. Manually edit the title field using a 'hierarchy' separator in the Title field (this is the traditional AMC method)
    2. Automatically create groups during import using either:
      • Search terms
      • Folder structure
    3. Create groups within MyFilms and add or remove movies from the Group

    See the Groups Setup guide for details about auto-creating groups during import, adding group covers, etc.

    Creating a Box Set, Group

    You do not need to auto-create groups during import. You can create a group, and add or remove movies to it within MyFilms.

    Create a new Box Set, Group

    1. Select a movie you wish to add to a Box Set or Group
    2. Select "Add to box set' from the Main screen context menu, accessed via F9 or Info/More remote button:
    3. My Films will open the Add to box set dialog:
    4. Select <Enter new box set name...>
    5. Type a name for your Box Set or group using the Virtual Keyboard.

    Add a film to a Box Set, Group 

    Use the same method as above, however, select the existing Box Set/Group from the list of your Groups.

    Remove a film from a Box Set, Group

    If the selected film is already part of a Group or Box set, then the context menu will display Remove from box set instead of Add to box set.


    Move a film from one Group to another

    To move a film from one Group to another, simply remove it from the current Group, then add it to the new Group.

    Displaying Groups

    Movie List

    When you sort your films by name, My Films will display one item for a Group of films, for example Harry Potter, with the number of items in the Group, and the group cover will display the collection banner.


    Group List

    Select the group to display all the films in the group, for example, a list of all the Harry Potter films in your database or even sub groups/levels:


    The name of the Group displays at the top of the window (depending on the skin you use). You can use any text you wish as a group name.


    Create as many sub-groups as you wish. The group hierarchy separator (e.g \ backslash by default) set on the General Tab in Setup determines the hierarchy or levels. Thus, you could even display TV Series by creating separate sub-groups for seasons and episodes. 


    Sorting Groups

    As of v 6.0.0, you can select a sort order (and even layout) for your 'groups', different than from other views or the main list of films if you wish.. See Quick Setup  >  Start Settings.

    You may also change the layout, and sort order for group lists within the My Films GUI and even save it as your new default setting for groups:

    1. Open a group and highlight a film within the group
    2. Change the layout and/or sort order you wish for the group
    3. Open the context menu (F9 or info/more remote button) and select 'Save current custom view settings'

    Note: these changes will apply to all your lists of films in a group.

    Group Covers

    My Films will display a random cover image from the group as the group cover.

    However, as of v 6.0.0 you can use custom cover images for your Groups:

    1. Name the image exactly the same as the Group name (e.g. Harry Potter.jpg)
    2. Save it in the same location as your catalog pictures/covers. 

    Whenever you display a movies in a group, the group image will display (according to the skin you use) as well as the movie cover (and the view image if you select the group from a view):


    Group Counts

    As of v 6.0.0  My Films displays the number of films in a group on all layouts (not only the list layout). When you select a group, the 'item count' such as "1/5 films" shows the count of films in the group (see above screenshot)

    Box Sets/Groups View

    When you use the Setup Wizard to create a new config, as of v 6.0.0 My Films will preset a Box Set view for you (since it is not obvious how to create one, and cannot be created within My Films GUI). 

    Simply select the Box Sets view from the main Views Menu to display all your Box Sets/Groups:


    As of v 6.0.2 you can 'Save current layout and sort as your 'start' settings' for the Box Sets view via the context menu (F9 or Info/More on remote).

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