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Storage View

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    What happened to the Storage HDD view from previous versions of My Films?  How do I display only the films on my HDD?


    As of v 5.x, My Films supports a new feature for media availability.  It will search all your movie files or paths and determine if your movie file is available for playback.  You can:

    1. enable this by default on the General Tab in My Films setup, under 'Scan media on start'.  However, on large catalogs this may take a few seconds so it is not enabled by default.
    2. Select Global Update > Update online availability from the main menu at any time.

    Once My Films has verified media availability using either of the above methods, you can use a global filter to 'Show only films with media available'. The filter is much better than a view because it applies to all views and searches as well.

    See Filters for more details.

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