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Local Certifications or Ratings

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    Using Ant Movie Catalog, can I grab only certifications for my local state or province?


    Some websites, like IMDb, list several certifications for a country. For example, in Canada there may be a different Certification, or MPAA style rating, for each province: Ontario, Quebec, BC, etc.


    Yes you can!  In Grabber override options on the Update tab in Setup, the drop down list for Country/Language lists only the main values usually used on IMDb.  However, you may enter any value you wish, even multiple values separated by a comma.

    For example, you could enter 'Ontario' if you wish to grab only the certifications for Ontario not other provinces in Canada. Of course the accuracy depends on the consistency of the data entered on the source website for the grabber script  you use.

    Note: As of v 6.1.0 you can also display Certification logos for your country. See Logos Setup for details.

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