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AKA Titles

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    What AKA Titles does My Films grab?


    Not many websites provide AKA (Also Known As) Titles. IMDb (English) is the main website that provides this data. Only one AKA title is usually listed on the main IMDb page but often there are many AKAs listed on a sub page.  These may include localized or translated titles by country, working tiles, promotional titles, International titles, DVD titles etc.


    If you are using the IMDB or IMDB-Full grabber with My Films to grab data for your Ant Movie Catalog (AMC):

    There are two types of grabber options:

    1. Grabber override options  - apply globally to all grabbers for the selected Config - set in MyFilms Setup > Update Tab.
    2. Grabber options - apply ONLY to the selected grabber - but for ALL configs that use that grabber - selected in the Grabber Scripts Editor > User Options Tab.

     Note: You can also map fields using the Grabber Editor, such as adding Taglines to the start of the Description Field.

    Grabber override options always take precedence over grabber options!  

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