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Plex Media Server

    I already have Plex Media Server up and running!

    If you already have a plex server and set up sections like Music, Video or TV-Shows you can skip this page and head directly to the Plugin Configuration. Just make sure you have a current version installed (the latest really!)

    I'm totally new to this - what was it called again - Plex thingie

    In order to use the MyPlexMedia plugin you need a server running PlexMediaServer software.

    You can get the latest MAC oder Windows releases here: Plex Download

    Please refer to the external Plex Wiki for more information on how to set up your server 


    the following links should cover the topic pretty comprehensively:




    * (check this out when you want to connect MyPlexMedia via internet)


    Tip: Use the default Plex-Port (:32400) for now as it is not yet configurable in MyPlexMedia 

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    Running the latest version?

    V1.15.0 - released June 2016
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