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    Forums: Get Expert Advice

    If you cannot find the information you need in this Wiki, the primary means of getting support for MediaPortal is via our User Forums. 

    Using the Forums

    The most important points for getting help in the Forums are:

    • enter your request in the correct sub forum
    • provide a meaningful title to your thread

    For information on using the Forums:

    In order to get good support, you should enter your system specifications with as much detail as possible. See: System Specs. Even driver versions can assist another user or our Team to help you find a solution to your problem.  System Specs are required when entering bug reports.

    Bug Reports

    When all else fails and you think you have found a bug in MediaPortal, you may enter a bug report in the appropriate User Forum:

    See Tester's Guide for guidelines and instructions on reporting bugs. 

    Note: System Specs are required when entering bug reports.

    Log Files

    Log files are also required for all bug reports.  You may collect log files easily using the Debug Mode Shortcut

    See also Tester's Guide


    Whenever a problem is visual, please attach a screenshot.  See Attachments

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