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3a TV Guide DVB-T (Freeview HD)

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    FreeviewHD DVB-T EPG Setup


    This page will show you how to setup the TV Guide (EPG) for Freeview HD DVB-T (Digital Terrestrial) .  This will give you 7-10 days worth of tv guide using the data that is broadcast via DVB-T, the tvserver does not need internet access as all the data is from the DVB-T signal.  You should do this after you have scanned all the channels and mapped them to all your tv tuners (if more than one tuner).  TV-Server also has a built in DVB-T epg grabber, however using epgcollector and this guide provides a more robust and reliable EPG.

    Note: If you want an EPG for Sky TV or sattelite Freeview you will need to look here, here and here.

    Step 1 - Download XMLTV.DTD

    download_a.pngDownload xmlvtv.dtd and save it to c:\epg\xmltv.dtd

    Step 2 - Install EPG Collector

    Download EPG Collector from

    Click Files, then click on the highest version number (Currently this is V4.1)

    Choose to download the installer package eg. "EPG Collector V##### Install.msi"

    Run the EPG Collector Installer and install to the default location

    32bit    C:\Program Files\Geekzone\EPG Collector\

    64bit    C:\Program Files (x86)\Geekzone\EPG Collector\

    Now install the latest fix pack eg. "EPG Collector v#.# FixPack"

    Step 3 - Configure EPG Collector



    Run EPG Center (Start -> All Programs -> EPG Collector -> EPG Center)

    Click File -> Create Collection Parameters

    Choose "New Zealand - Terrestrial Freeview - Auckland"

    Note: It doesn't matter if your not in Auckland, we will customise this




    1. Select the tuner(s) you want to use

    2. Select the area you are in

    3. Click Add

    4. At the bottom of the page under Selected scanning frequencies delete the providor you are not using

    (ie if you added Christchurch, then there will also be a providor called Auckland which you need to delete)




    1. Output file path -> Click Browse

    2. Set to path c:\epg\tvguide.xml



    1. Click File -> Save As

    2. Save the file as c:\epg\freeview.ini



    1. Click Run -> Collect EPG Data

    2. Do you want to use the parameters currently loaded to run the collection? [YES]

    3. This takes around 2-5 minutes, wait

    4. You should get a message popup box saying "The run completed successfully."

    5. Assuming you did all the above correctly this should now of created a file called tvguide.xml in the c:\epg\ directory

    Step 4 - Check

    Browse to c:\epg\

    Check you have the following 3 files

    freeview.ini        created when we saved our configuration in step 3

    tvguide.xml       - created when we did a test run in step 3

    xmltv.dtd           - downloaded in step 1

    Step 5 - Setup TV Server

    Run TV Server Configuration

    Goto Plugins

    Enable "XmlTv"

    Expand [+] Plugins

    Choose "XmlTv"



    1. Folder where tvguide is located (c:\epg\)

    Browse to your tvguide.xml file

    2. Setup the following tick boxes

    [X] Import new tvguide.xml

    [  ] Import files in new tvguide.1st

    [X] Delete old programs before input

    [  ] Apply time compensation

    3. Click Force Import

    4. Now complete the Mappings tab below, after doing this click Import a second time, after you run the second import you should see the message "tvguide.xml:File imported successfully".  The second time you import tv-server will become unresponsive for about 2 minutes while it loads the tvguide.xml into the MP epg.



    1. Click Load/Refresh

    2. Check that "Tuning Channel" matches up with "Guide Channel"

    3. Once you have adjusted any miss-matched channels click SAVE

    4. Now go back to the general tab and click Import. (when you click import the second time tv-server will become unresponsive for a 1-2 minutes while it imports.


    Click [OK] to close tv server configuration and save changes.

    If you don't click OK then the changes will not be saved.

    Goto into tvserver configuration once again and click import and check everything is working.

    Now load up mediaportal and you should have a working  tv guide :D

    Step 6 - Schedule automatic EPG updates

    download_a.png and extract update.bat  to c:\epg\update.bat

    Press WIN+R and type cmd and press enter

    Type cd c:\epg\ and press enter

    Type update.bat and press enter

    Check that there are no errors


    update.bat expects the default install directory for epg collector to be

    C:\Program Files\Geekzone\EPG Collector\epgcollector.exe (32bit)

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Geekzone\EPG Collector\epgcollector.exe (64bit)

    For more help visit

    The NZ MediaPortal Thread

    Geekzone EPG Forum

    Message kiwijunglist on MP Forum

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