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    Remember last folder - Default=off
    When enabled, MediaPortal will remember the last used folder, so hitting the back button will return to the last folder used, rather than to the top of the list. This option must be enabled in the skin you are using, and may only be enabled for some windows (See Configuration > GUI >  GUI Settings Section  - Allow remember last focused item on supported window/skin Default=off). 

    Add optical drives - Default=off
    Enable this option to include optical drive letters in the list of folders 

    Switch to removablesDefault=off
    Enable this option to automatically switch to removables drives such as DVD, Blu-Ray, USB or external HDD drives. whenever the drive is connected or media is inserted.

    WOL (Wake On LAN) Parameters

    As of v 1.7.0, A new button to configure Wake On LAN parameters has been added to the Folders configuration window. A new column has also been added which contains the MAC address of the server once discovered.

    WOL parameters.PNG

    WOL timeout (in seconds) - Default: 10

    How long Mediaportal should wait before giving up trying to wake the server.

    WOL resend time (in minutes) - Default: 1

    A Wake On LAN message can be sent periodically to assure that the server will not go into sleep mode while MediaPortal is using it. A Wake On LAN message will not be sent again if the server share has been used in the last x minutes. This time should be set to be less than your server or NAS idle time before it will go to standby.

    Wait time after WOL (in seconds) - Default: 0

    Some server shares are not accessible after the server wakes up, even if it responds on the network. It might need a couple of seconds before being able to serve content. Using this option you may configure a short time that MediaPortal will wait before trying to access the media files after the server responds on the network following a wake up from sleep mode.

    Add/Edit Folder 

    When you configure Videos, Music or Pictures, you may choose which folders contain your media files. For information on the system folders used by the MediaPortal application see Folders/Files

    Selecting Add or Edit in the folders dialog will present you with this window.


    Provide a useful name for your Folder

    Visual name:

    Add a descriptive name to the menu and it will become the common name for the folder to show in MediaPortal.

    Setup Secure access to a folder

    PIN code:

    You can also set code on each folder. This prevents unauthorized access through MediaPortal to the files stored in that folder, but this offers no protection outside MediaPortal. PIN codes are numerical and have a maximum length of 4 digits.

    Create Thumbs (Video folders only)

    If you have enabled the option 'Auto Create Thumbs' in GUI > Thumbnail Settings, you may choose to create thumbs or not separately for each video folder. This can be useful for videos that do not have movie covers, such as home videos, documentaries, etc.

    Do not display Folder.jpg when Pin Code is set

    As of v 1.8.0, you can show the folder.jpg even if the share is pin protected. 

    The default setting is to not show a folder.jpg and have MediaPortal display the default icon instead. Thus there is no risk that unsafe content is displayed as an icon for a locked folder. This is done with good intentions, because if no folder.jpg is present MediaPortal will automatically generate a folder.jpg from video and images inside a folder.

    Specify the path of the folder

    Local Folder:
    You can enter the path to the folder or you can set the location by browsing to the folder on your system.UNC connection paths (eg \\machinename\sharename) are also allowed thus removing the need to setup a mapped drive on each client.

    Specify the default layout

    This option gives you the opportunity to configure how the content will be displayed when you access the share. Default: List 
    The following layouts are available:

    • List (Default)
    • Icons
    • Big Icons
    • Album
    • Filmstrip

    Dedicated movie folder (video folders only)

    Use this option if every sub folder of the selected folder is a unique movie folder - i.e. contains only one movie per folder.

    Enable Wake On Lan

    As of v 1.8.0, this option enables the Wake On Lan (WOL) feature for this folder. Other folders stored on the same server may be configured independently to wake up the server when being accessed. This option can only be enabled for UNC paths (i.e. \\server\videos).

    Learn MAC addresses now

    As of v 1.8.0, you can click this button to let MediaPortal find and store the server's MAC address. This is needed for MediaPortal to find the server on the network when trying to wake the server. The discovered MAC address is displayed in the Folders configuration window for Videos, Music and Pictures.

    Setting FTP Folders

    This is a remote FTP folder - Default: off
    If the share you want to connect is located on a FTP Server you can enter the necessary connection details here.

    • FTP server - Default:
    • TCP/IP port - Default: 21 (Note, only port 21 is supported)
    • Login
    • Password
    • Folder on the remote FTP server - Default: /

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