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    The General section contains settings that affect MediaPortal as a whole.

    Accessing General Settings

    These options can also be set from within the MediaPortal interface, see Settings >  General MP Settings

    The left Navigation Panel can be expanded by clicking on the + symbol to show all the General configuration options.


    The General Configuration section contains sub pages for:


    On the main General page:


    General settings

    Log verbosity

    Default: Debug for Beta release - information for Final release

    Sets the detail level of the log files that are stored in the log folder underneath the MediaPortal application folder. See log4net logging for information about configuring log files in MediaPortal.

    Process priority

    Default: Normal


    Sets the priority of MediaPortal, higher gives MediaPortal more systems resources but too high can make the system unstable or crash when MediaPortal crashes.

    Watchdog settings

    Watchdog enabled - monitor crashes

    Watchdog is the MediaPortal Debug tool. It can monitor MediaPortal and automatically gather the log files, zip them to your desktop and restart MediaPortal for you, if you choose.

    Automatically Restart MP

    Default: Enabled - auto restarts MP if it crashes
    Note: You can also run Watchdog by using the MediaPortal Debug-Mode Shortcut which you will find on your Windows Start menu under Team-MediaPortal > MediaPortal.

    Delay in Seconds

    Default: 10

    Sets a delay before MediaPortal restarts.

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