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RSS News

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    Also allows you to display RSS Feeds on Home or BasicHome screens if supported by the skin.


    The RSS News plugin is a basic RSS reader to monitor your favorite RSS feeds.


    First you must configure which RSS feeds you wish to display, and add feed logos if you wish. See Configuration > RSS News


    The RSS plugin will display the default feed you select in setup:MediaPortal - Plugins - News.jpg

    Select a RSS News Feed

    Use Keyleft.jpg to access the Menu:

    MediaPortal - Plugins - News - Side Menu.png

    then use the Select Feed button to choose a RSS News Feed to display:

    MediaPortal - Plugins - News - Select Feed.jpg

    Of course, the list only displays the feeds you have already configured.

    Use the Refresh button to update the currently displayed feed within MediaPortal.

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